No yoga pants, no Uggs, no PSL…

Monday, September 29, 2014
sammy dress embroidered tunic dress, chambray shirt, charlotte russe combat boots, zero UV steampunk sunglasses, biology boutique mint necklace, half united bullet earrings

Just wondering… where did this sudden worldwide-basic-girl-love-of-fall stuff come from?  I feel like for my whole entire life, fall was just MY favourite season, but all the sudden, I've been completely inundated with memes having to do with "basic" girls in yoga pants, Ugg boots, and a North Face jacket, while drinking a PSL and blabbing about how wonderful fall is.  

Back off my season, ya'll… 

I don't own yoga pants, Uggs, or a North Face and there is no PSL (aside from the 12, yes 12 boxes of pumpkin spice Via my daddy sent me).

I just love fall!  Crisp nights, yummy-scented candles, and ghost stories are kind of my jam.  Let me have my thing. 

These snaps were taken at a pumpkin festival over the weekend.  We drank pumpkin wine (that tasted like champagne) and ate pumpkin bratwurst (that tasted like a brat with a few spices tossed into it) and tried to avoid the epic masses of screaming children who were throwing hay all over the place.  On the upside, I did discover that I can use my own hair as a hairband to hold my bangs back and I got to sport this lovely new necklace from Biology Boutique.  Additionally, please note my epic new bullet earrings.  They come from a shop called Half United, which is dedicated to preventing global hunger (I'll tell you more about them in a few days)! 

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A steampunk affair…

Saturday, September 27, 2014

steampunk, steampunk costume party, castle costume party, corset, bustle, historical costume, steampunk makeup

Happy Saturday, tout le monde!  These are some snaps from a friend's birthday party a few weeks ago! We had a Steampunk-castle-picnic and it was absolutely amazing!  I've got to hand it to the people of the past: sitting and eating a picnic lunch in a corset and bustle is no easy feat!  We were stared at by oodles of people ogling our costumes and I felt ever so slightly like a zoo animal, but heck… it was fun! 

… also, I've never  had the opportunity to glue gears to my face before, and I actually didn't want to take them off when I got home after the party.  They do lend a great space-age-punk-rock-I-wanna-be-a-robot vibe to things, don't they? 

: $100 Dicope Bisuteria giveaway…

Friday, September 26, 2014
freebie friday, freebie, giveaway, contest, sweepstakes, free jewelry, etsy, handmade jewelry, dicope bisuteria jewelry

Howdy, ya'll!  I hope your week wasn't as wonky as mine, but if it was, I just may have a way to brighten your day!  Remember those fancy beaded friendship bracelets I showed you a few months ago?  Or the phenomenal hand-beaded bracelets I wore on my recent Harry Potter adventure in England?  Well, tout le monde, Diana, the genius/artist/craftswoman behind them wants to give one lucky : the daily savant : reader a whopping $100 to spend in her shop!  

How fabulous is that?  There are a gazillion ways to enter, and this giveaway is INTERNATIONAL!  

Weeeeeeeeee!  Bonne chance! 

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Taking stock…

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Bonjour, tout le monde!  Today has been a bit disjointed.  I woke up feeling cold and arthritic.  My students kept having breakdowns all day.  I about fell asleep at the library at lunch time.  It's just a blah kind of day, and since it is a bit out of whack, I've decided to share with you two completely unrelated things:

1) Three dramatically different ways I have recently styled the same dress from Deb.

The first time I wore it was in the middle photo.  I wore it as it was intended, as a dress, with a fringe vest, tights, and booties.  I ended up wearing it a day or so later, wrapped around my neck as a scarf (I just stuck the end with the hem through the spaghetti straps and VOILA!).  The third time I wore it, the weather had definitely turned a bit cooler and crisper (is that a word?  More crisp?) so I wore the dress tucked into a mini skirt as a top.  A simple pairing with a long cardigan and my trusted tights and booties, and I was all set!  

Obsessed with this dress as I am?  Snag one HERE! It's on sale for just $12!!! 

2) A silly little list of things that I snagged from Hope Howland's blog over the summer and just never got around to posting!  It's called taking stock, and filling it out is helping me find a nice calm place within my soul so that I can get a solid night's sleep and head back to work first thing tomorrow feeling something resembling sane!

Making : Lots and lots of new knitted and crocheted goodies for my etsy shop!  Side bar: if you ever want a hat/scarf/gloves/boot cuffs, etc.  Please let me know!  And if you ever end up with a ton of yarn that you don't want, I would love to inherit it!
Cooking : My should-be-famous meatloaf, a green bean casserole, and some of those handy Pilsbury crescent rolls.
Drinking : A chai, bien sur!
Reading: "1,000 Places to See Before you Die" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," because Harry Potter.
Wanting: October to hurry up, so we can hop on a cruise ship and see some new countries!
Looking: At a box full of possibilities aka yarn.  My daddy sent me tons of fabulous new colours!
Playing: Candy Crush.
Wasting: Time… although they say that time you enjoy wasting isn't really time wasted...
Sewing: A button back onto Soldier Boy's uniform.
Wishing: That I had tomorrow off.
Enjoying: The chill that has recently made its way into the air.
Waiting: For about 12 packages to arrive in the mail. And for Halloween Oreos to hit the shelves so my nearest and dearest can overnight me a pack, or 12.
Liking: Feeling clean after a nice bubbly shower and warm in multiple layers.
Wondering: If Germany will get pumpkin spice next fall and if we'll get gingerbread for the holiday season.
Loving:  That my dad sent me 12 packages of pumpkin spice Via since our brand new Starbucks on base isn't serving PSL this year.
Hoping: That my next paycheck is better than the last one!  We have lots of travel to do before we move back to the states!
Marveling: At the intricate web that what I can only assume was a huge spider has built outside my office window.
Needing: Sleep.
Smelling: My WoodWick Fireside candle, because it's only August and in my head, that = Autumn… and the world should smell in such a way that reflects this.
Wearing: The most comfortable pants ever (thanks, Marine Layer), a t-shirt, fuzzy socks, and a sweatshirt.  This fashion diva needs some down time!
Following: People on Instagram!
Noticing: How time definitely goes by faster when I am doing things that I enjoy doing.
Knowing: That I really should go to bed sooner than I'm sure I will…
Thinking: That it is 8 PM and we still haven't eaten dinner.  The oven is taking its sweet time!
Feeling: A bit arthritic.  The seasons are 'a changing!
Bookmarking: Recipes for homemade PSL… are you noticing a trend here?  I might have a slight obsession.
Opening: A package that I received yesterday from Charming Damsel!
Giggling: At Obama's latte salute.  I definitely think that it was disrespectful, but am kind of loving that it has been dubbed as such.

… and my brain is officially fried and I'm starving!  That is all!

Going somewhere?

Monday, September 22, 2014
deb shops fringe kimono, lace tee, sammy dress high waisted shorts, panther leg wear tights, deb shops black ankle booties, meital lev leather clutch, arm party, mildred & bernice booth sitters necklace, swallow's heart triangle pendant, fall outfit ideas, fall outfits, boho outfit, hippie outfit

Soldier Boy and I went for a walk the other day and somehow ended up at the train station in our village.  I honestly don't know why we ended up here, but perhaps we're both feeling a bit restless.  I know I am.  It's been a month since my trip to London and we've still got a few weeks before heading out on my Birthday Week cruise! 

You'd think that I'd be happy with going to a different festival every weekend, but gosh dangit, my soul needs to wander greater distances!  

… also, I love sunflowers!  These are in a neighbors yard and I have to convince myself on a daily basis not to go chop a bunch of them down and take 'em home with me!  For the record, I found the one I'm holding on the ground.  No sunflowers were harmed in the course of this photoshoot! 

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Because I'm happy…

Saturday, September 20, 2014
deb shops tuxedo pants, deb shops leopard slip on shoes, street people atelier eye-conic shirt, persunmall white blazer, rakani watches stuck in traffic watch, marbled nails, outfit ideas, casual outfit ideas

Happy weekend, everyone!  

I wanted to take a moment to reflect a little bit, because as the seasons are (supposed to be) changing, I'm realizing how different this year is from last year, weather aside.  

This time last year, I was scrambling to find a job.  The days on my visa were quickly ticking away and I was really dreading the idea of being deported in October (just 3 days before my birthday).  I was bored.  I had no friends.  No phone.  No car.  All I did was lay around the house and watch TV.  I couldn't get a library card so unless I could download the ebook from my home library, I was book less and movie-less.  I was insanely restless.  

This time this year, I've been employed for nearly a year in a job that while, outside of my career field, gives me some flexibility to have a life and still affords me the ability to take weekend jaunts off to new countries and places.  I have a VW Beetle, which was my childhood dream car.  Mine is 17 years old and is rather quirky, but it's cute and it gets me where I need to go.  I have a few friends.  Navigating the military lifestyle while not being a spouse or belonging to a unit that has lots of get-togethers has made making friends a bit of a challenge and the friends that I have made have kids and families and very busy schedules, but hey… the lack of hangouts has given me time to expand my etsy/Facebook business a bit!  

It is more than just a relief to have no fear of deportation this year, and in fact, the week of my birthday, we'll be cruising around and crossing more countries off of our list.  

I guess it would be fair to say that I'm happy! 

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: Lazuli Handcrafted giveaway…

Friday, September 19, 2014
giveaway, freebie, freebie friday, contest, sweepstakes, lazuli handcrafted, handmade jewelry, raw stone jewelry, free jewelry

Bonjour, tout le monde!  I am absolutely thriller to announce this week's #freebiefriday!  This week, ya'll get to enter to win $30 to spend at Lazuli Handcrafted!  I found this shop via the ever-faithful Instagram, and am so glad that I did.  Erika, the mastermind behind Lazuli, is an absolute genius at creating unique and chic jewelry out of raw stones.  She sent me the dipped beryl necklace ^ up there and it was the gateway to my new, necklace layering kick!   

For real, ya'll… you want to hop on this bandwagon!  Lots of ways to enter!  Bonne chance! 

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