The sea of twirly, swirly gumdrops…

Monday, November 24, 2014
debshops aztec print dress, debshops tricolor purse, debshops black booties, tights outfits, safari jacket, swallow's heart leather chevron necklace, swallow's heart stud earrings

… srsly, ya'll… it's not even December and I've already binged on "Elf," "The Santa Clause," AND "Polar Express" in ONE NIGHT!  

Fall is my favourite.  What is going on?  Where is all this Christmas cheer coming from?  Actually, I'm angry that our mall has had decorated Christmas trees up since before Halloween and our neighbors just put up lights yesterday.  Where has all this Christmas bi-polarity come from?  

… any of ya'll feeling this?  

In any case, I <3 these crunchy leaves and my snazzy fall outfit, though I'm glad I wore this body con dress on a regular day and not on Thanksgiving.  It would definitely do an epic job of showing off a food baby! 

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A vendetta against the alarm clock…

Saturday, November 22, 2014
debshops grateful dead floral tank, debshops quilted leggings, debshops red wedge booties, half united bullet earrings and necklace, charming damsel black lace headband, boho outfit, hippie outfit

I am not a morning person.  I have never made a truer statement than that.  This being the case, I have discovered something ingenious and I was going to share it with you yesterday, but the hullabaloo of the morning got in the way.  I digress.  Here we go. 

 I usually have 2 alarms set.  I end up snoozing them for roughly an hour, at which point, I roll out of bed, drag myself to the bathroom to make myself look presentable, eat something that may or may not resemble a balanced breakfast and head out the door usually 10 minutes later than I'd like to be heading out the door.  

My alarms are set for 0730 and 0745 and I need to leave my house by 0850 if I'm going to make it to work on time, though I often don't end up leaving until closer to 0900.  

My breakthrough the other day was that, heck, I'm setting my alarms too early and wasting valuable sleep time with snoozing.  It's total wasted time.  I'm not getting up and being productive, so I may as well get some actual sleep.  I set each alarm for 15 minutes later and, voila!  They go off, and I GET OUT OF BED, put on an actual outfit, use a curling iron, apply makeup, make waffles (!!!) and coffee (!!!) AND manage to get to work EARLY!  

Go figure… 

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: Love & Pieces $30 shop credit giveaway…

Friday, November 21, 2014
Love & Pieces, giveaway, freebie friday, contest, sweepstakes

Bonjour, tout le monde!  If your Friday has been anything like mine so far (woken up by phone call from work telling me that the post office called to say that there was a problem with my mailbox… drove to post office to find out what was going on and my car started making scary beeping noises at me, sorted out post office issue, and then promptly sliced my finger open while opening the package that caused the conundrum in the first place) then you'll probably be happy to see that I have a fantastic giveaway for you on this #freebiefriday.

This week, ya'll have a chance to snag $30 to spend at Love & Pieces, a fabulous jewelry boutique that I discovered on Instagram a few months ago.  I was immediately drawn to they IG feed because of the unique blend of jewelry pieces, celebs, and other fun photos.  Elissa, the mastermind behind Love & Pieces, has cultivated a fabulous collection of jewelry designers who create all things from boho chic to on-point trendy statement pieces.  

She was kind enough to send me a Jewelry by Dunn skull bracelet (cos I'm semi-skull obsessed)that has also been spotted on Ashley Tisdale.  Note: a similar bracelet by the same designer was worn by Shay Mitchell (aka Emily) on Pretty Little Liars, so basically, I was hooked and love it… to pieces… (see what I did there?). 

All you have to do to enter is turn a few white buttons green, if ya know what I mean!  Bonne chance! 

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Little boxes, on the hillside…

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
debshops blue navajo sweater, debshops black fringe scarf, debshops distressed jeans, debshops black ankle booties, travel outfit, boho casual outfit, verdun, france

… little boxes made of ticky, tacky… 

… Ok… this little row of homes got the Weeds song in my head!  

Seriously, how adorable is this street?  We popped into the main town of Verdun for lunch after our trenching and forting in the rain and fog on Vet's Day and stumbled across this street.  I kind of love that each building has chosen a colour for their shutters.  Makes the whole street seem a bit friendlier, crummy weather and all! 

… On a side bar, I have no clue what is going in this photo, and since ya'll seemed to have enjoyed my moose photo last week, I figured I'd include another lovely shot of me being awkward … 

… also, pizza ATMs exist.  #lifemade

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11/11, 11:00…

Monday, November 17, 2014

For those of ya'll who may have forgotten, we had last Tuesday off of work for Veteran's Day (thanks, vets!).  In addition to being the US Veteran's Day, Tuesday also happened to be Armistice Day, or the day of the ceasefire of WWI.  The actual ceasefire occurred around 11:00 AM on 11-November-1918.  And so, with our free day, instead of BBQing and such, SB and I decided to hop in the car and head to Verdun, France… the location of one of the bloodiest battles of WWI.  

It was a grey, foggy day (much like the weather we experienced in Normandy in July) and I that no matter how many battlefields I visit, I still find myself absolutely blown away by the pock-marked terrain.  I try to imagine what it must have been like to have been involved in the battle itself and no matter how much yelling, screaming, terror, mud, explosions, cries for help I'm able to conjure in my mind, it's probably nowhere close to what the reality of battle was.  

We visited the memorial; the French cemetery; the trenches, which we were climbing around in at just about the exact time that the armistice came in 96 years ago, and spend the better part of the afternoon getting lost in the labyrinth that is Fort Douaumont.  

When you look at these snaps, try to appreciate what the insanely brave men who fought here had to endure to ensure our freedom today… 

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: My Delvignes are showing!

Sunday, November 16, 2014
lashem brow lift and tint serum, beauty review, eyebrow product review, charming damsel tribal print headband, white plum boutique feather diamond leggings, swallow's heart quartz arrowhead necklace, debshops western style ankle booties

If you follow me on Twitter, ya'll will know that I have a slight obsession with my Delvignes (eyebrows).  Since I got hooked on "Pretty Little Liars" a year or so ago, I managed to develop an insane love of Lucy Hale's brows, which quickly resulted in similar girl crushes on Cara Delvigne and Camilla Belle, though calling brows Belles or Hales just doesn't have quite the same appeal as calling them Delvignes.  To each their own. 

I digress… 

Back on topic!  I have a slight issue with being head over heels for these celebs' arches: I am the blondest person I have ever met, ergo, when I don't have any makeup on, it looks like I have NO eyebrows at all.  

I have been on an odyssey, if you will, to find the perfect brow product for my uber-flaxen Delvignes and I just may have stumbled onto it!  Yes, my friends, I have finally discovered Lashem Brow Tint & Lift Serum! You know that I rarely review beauty products, but when I do, it's because I LOVE 'em!  

This stuff comes in a tube just like mascara and is applied to brows the same way that mascara is.  I just touch it up with a cotton swab if it goes where I don't want it.  It doesn't get hard or clumpy at all, and best of all, it makes me look like my eyebrows actually exist, but also so that they are natural.  I cannot even tell you how many eyebrow pencils and powders I've tried that turn my brows near-black and make me look like a 3-year old playing in mommy's makeup! 

Aside from making one's eyebrows actually exist, this serum is a peptide-rich, paraben-free way to gain healthier, voluminous brows AND it's only $20 AND they've extended (te he… see what I did there?) a 30% discount for  ya'll!  Check the serum out HERE and enter code BROW30BB for your discount! 

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: Simply Charmed 21 Giveaway...

Friday, November 14, 2014
simply charmed 21, simply charmed 21, handmade jewelry, etsy, giveaway, contest, freebies, sweepstakes, freebie friday

Howdy, ya'll!  Is it just me, or did every day this week feel like Monday?  Between getting knee-d in the mouth during a gymnastics class, getting smacked in the face with a folded up gym mat, to having 4 (!!!) children break down in tears at various points during one of my dance classes, I'm incredibly happy that it is Friday!  

And since I am just that happy, I've decided to hop back onto the #freebiefriday bandwagon with a lovely giveaway from Simply Charmed 21.  

I found this shop on etsy a few months ago and fell in love with shop owner, Danielle's, wide array of bohemian and basically just feel-good designs.  The shop is full of delicate beaded rings (like my flower ring and the cat's eye ring I showed you yesterday), necklaces and earrings and she wants to give one lucky : the daily savant : reader the chance to win one of their very own!  

The winner will win one piece of jewelry from the shop ($25 or less) for free!  This giveaway is open to entrants in the US!  Please be honest with your entries and only check "I've done it" if you've actually done it.  Entries are verified and you will be disqualified for dishonesty (I really hate to have to put this in here, but after a quick check of entries, I see that people have not actually followed through). 

Bonne chance! 

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