Monday, March 30, 2015

Here comes the sun…?

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I am hands down, totally, and completely ready for spring.  Forget the fact that it was cloudy and only about 50 degrees.  The spring clothes came out.  And so did the giant heart-shaped sunglasses (which earned me numerous smiles as I drove around in my Beetle with a giant sunflower in the bud vase).  

I want windows open, warm breezes, happy sunshine (interrupted only by Sunday morning rain showers cos those promote relaxation and lie-ins), bonfires (so I can jam to my awesome-sauce
 : crackle playlist), and lightning bugs. 

Ya, hear that, Mother Nature?  I mean, I don't want you to combust or anything, so if it comes down an epic case of global warming, I guess I'll keep my chills and clouds, but things gotta grow… girl's gotta produce some vitamin D… 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sky blue…

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Between all the bumps in the night, the heat going out, and then back on (to 110 degrees) and then back off, my washing machine overflowing, my car being wonderfully cooperative, I am definitely ready for the weekend.  

Granted… yesterday's coffee, work meeting, mac 'n'cheese gorge, Ghost Hunters International marathon, and nap with a gal pal was amazing.  Add to it the bonus that her husband returned from work with a dozen Dunkin Donuts (which are not super readily available over here) and it was pretty awesome.  And I'm hoping that this weekend continues along a similar vein… 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wonky Wednesday…

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Today might go down in history as the wonkiest Wednesday in recent history.  There must have been something in the air.  It was one good thing followed by one less-than-good thing followed by another good thing and so on all darn day.   

Suffice it to say that I am in love with my new peace sign tattoo and it calms me down and makes me happy every time I look at it, which is just what it was intended to do for me… 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ghost stories…

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… Blame it in the solar eclipse… blame it on the super moon… blame it on something, but my house has been the scariest place to live for the last several days.  I know I told ya'll on Sunday that I'd fill you in on the spooky stuff that's been going around over here, but I got home late last night from helping a friend move to Korea (!!!) and it was dark and I was alone and I really wanted to get a solid night's sleep without a ton of intervention from the paranormal, soooooo… I had to wait until the sun came out! 

 Here we go: 

It all started on Friday, aka the Spring Equinox, aka Freaky Friday due to the crazy celestial goings on. I wanted to watch the solar eclipse, so I made myself a pinhole projector from the potato pancake box my breakfast came in, poured myself a Jameson and ginger and holed up in my bedroom with the window open.  Now, I was home alone at this time, as it was my day off and to loophole my whole drinking alone thing, I justified it because there are ghosts in my house.  I can't find the last post in which I wrote about said ghosts, but they're there.  I'm pretty sure. 

Anyway, the day went on as per usual until I decided to switch the laundry before taking a nap and discovered that the washing machine (containing 3 bath towels, 1 hand towel, 1 washcloth and a rather small quantity of soap) had overflowed.  There were bubbles everywhere. And no reason for it to have happened.  No matter… cleaned it up and got down with my nap.  All was normal until the sun set and in closing my bedroom window, I happened to see some flashing orange lights coming from behind my bed.  I tried to explain it as a reflection, light coming in from outside, some electronic, but based on where my bed is, the reflection and outside light thing isn't logical and there was nothing plugged in back there.  As I got ready to go out to dinner, I thought I felt something run through my hair.  There is a hook in the slanted ceiling that I sometimes brush up against, but I wasn't anywhere close to that.  Needless to say, I took an extra short time getting ready, and extra long time out at dinner… and gelato… and drinks… and slept with the lights on.   

Ok… Saturday morning was bright, if not sunny, and I really appreciated the daylight… until the power went out.  My landlord was over and came right in the fix it, but couldn't explain why the power had gone out.  He proceeded to mess with the heating system, which was great, until the sun set and all the radiators started clanging and banging so hard that the upper level of my house was shaking.  

I had to sleep over at a friend's house… where we proceeded to watch Ghost Hunters International until 2 AM, which is totally counter-intuitive, since I left my scary house to go watch people investigate scary houses, but whatever.

Now, my heat is out again.  Poltergeist action, what? 

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Since I started reading Kinfolk, I've really been getting good at slowing down.  Especially on Sunday.  I've tried to disconnect with technology and connect with books, people, and nature.  I'm getting ready to head to a going away party at a castle (still so cool that I can say things like this and have them be true), which I think is a pretty solid way to spend a Sunday. 

I'm really hoping that I can have friends over after the party and can continue the hang-outtage… especially since the ghosts in my house have been extremely active lately and I haven't been getting much sleep (I'll fill ya in on my new tales from the haunted house tomorrow… I'm trying to be calm and relaxed right now…). 

To help my relaxation process while I'm in this house, I've put together a collection of some of my favourite Instagram photos, including some of 3 of my 4 tattoos.  The one on the top of my foot is a henna design in commemoration of a good friend who passed away in a car accident during our freshman year of college.  The peace sign on my wrist is a reminder to chill out and that there are inherently good people in the world.  The dots on my ankle are for my family.  I have another tattoo on the side of my hip, if that makes any sense, but it's hard to photograph.  It says "Carpe Diem" and is a reminder to go out and live.  Yay, tattoos!  


Friday, March 20, 2015

: Kariella giveaway…

It's the spring Equinox!  Happy warmer-weather-season to you all!  I've had quite the week of celebrations (most of them were self-invented… because celebration).  On Monday, thanks to Timehop, I celebrated 5 years of having my nose pierced with an inordinate quantity of chocolate.  On Tuesday, I celebrated St. Paddy's in green.  On Wednesday, I celebrated 9k Instagram followers! On Thursday, I celebrated my first week as the proud wearer of 4 tattoos (will show you pics on Sunday).  And today, Friday… #freebiefriday… I celebrated the Equinox with a solar eclipse, a super moon, and tapas… and sangria… 

To continue this chain of celebration, I am giving away this snazzy necklace ^ from one of my new favourite boutiques, Kariella.  Shop owner, Amara, also sent me this super groovy tie dye romper that I layered for a cool spring day and cannot wait to unlayer for hot summer days!  

Scroll down to enter the giveaway!  IT'S INTERNATIONAL! 

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