The Insta-purge of 2014…

Sunday, December 21, 2014
Plaid button down shirt, hi-low tee, destroyed jeans, western boots, beanie, swallow's heart horn necklace, casual outfit

… Anyone else totally reeling from the epic Insta-purge of 2014?  Holy cow, I had no clue I had so many spammy followers!  I think I lost about 700 and in trying to connect with REAL people, turned to a few Facebook blogging groups.  We had threads and threads and threads of link swaps and people promised to connect, but my handy dandy unfollow-y app showed me that only about 10% of the people who said that they had followed, really had not.  

Grrrr… people… 

… that being said, if you want to connect on Instagram (<---- click that to hear a really interesting story about this photo location), drop me a line here and we'll be friends!  

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: Indigo Bananas nail polish giveaway…

Friday, December 19, 2014
indigo bananas nail polish giveaway, freebie friday, giveaway, sweepstakes, free nail polish, beauty products, flakie nail polish

Bonjour, tout le monde!  Guess what?  It's almost Christmas!  It's been another crazy week in the life of me, so I'm especially happy to have this Friday off AND to present you with a #freebiefriday giveaway from one of my favourite shops!  

I came across Indigo Bananas on etsy last year (after moving to Germany and having had to leave all of my nail polish behind).  Andrea, the genius biologist (!!!) behind Indigo Bananas, has developed her own unique blend of goodies that magically mix together to form the coolest nail polishes imaginable.  They are sparkly, shiny, 3 dimensional, holographic, and they actually stay on forever without chipping off like crazy!  

This giveaway is for two of her flakie polishes.  They are so amazing that they will probably change your life.  You're welcome! Bonne chance! 


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My car hates me, but my pants are pretty cool…

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
debshops black cardigan, debshops paisley print palazzo pants, freyrs sunglasses, lazuli handcrafted dipped beryl necklace, simply charmed 21 wire wrapped rings, boho outfit, hippie outfit, bohemian outfit

My car is old.  Like… REALLY old.  It's a 1998.  The darn thing is nearly as old as I am (which makes me practically pre-historic).  Don't get me wrong… I love my little bug, but he (it's a boy… named Grandpa Jack… GJ for short) is getting ornery in his old age.  He likes to beep at me when I'm going around roundabouts and today, he stalled (even though he is an automatic) no less than 4 times while driving from my coffee date back to work.  I'm getting to be afraid to drive him because he's probably going to explode and launch me halfway to the moon and I hate to say it (cos it's kind of like cheating on him), but I'm really starting to miss the car that is waiting for me in the states.  There's something about a reliable car with seat warmers, keyless entry, and steering wheel controls that I'm really wishing I had right about now…

In other news, this might be my new favourite outfit.  If my soul were made of fabric, I'm pretty sure it would be paisley… 

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Smile lines…

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dear tout le monde, 

This morning, I made a horrendous discovery.  I.  Have. Wrinkles!  What in the blazes is going on?  I'm not even 30 yet.  I don't have kids.  I can't possibly have wrinkles!  Ok… so they're smile lines… which means that I smile a lot… which are probably the best possible type of wrinkles to get… but still… I'm too young for this.  


<3 Prune Chops

^ see them?   

… there… that's not even a real smile.  Take that, raisin face… 

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Pinterest saves me again…

Saturday, December 13, 2014
oasap grey sweater, deb shops dark wash jeans, deb shops plum wedge booties, half united bullet necklace, kalypso creations pyrite bracelet, swallow's heart quartz arrowhead necklace, casual outfits, chic outfits, pinterest inspired outfit

Happy Saturday!  'Tis the season to be insanely busy!  I've spent the week putting in extra hours to help with two performances of several variations from the Nutcracker, had a yard sale, AND have been putting in all the hours I possibly can with knitting and crochet stuff to keep my inventory high until after Christmas.  That being said, if you're still looking for holiday gifts, please check out what I still have for sale!  Everything is available via Paypal and I'll be updating with a few new items in a couple of days!  

Also… how insanely cute is this outfit that I stole from Pinterest put together?  I think I've finally found a way to be both casual and chic, simultaneously!  Weeeeeee! 

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: A Wild Violet $50 giveaway…

Friday, December 12, 2014
a wild violet, etsy, handmade jewelry, freebie friday, giveaways, etsy giveaway, voucher giveaway, free shop credit, sweepstakes,

Huzzah!  It's Friday and Christmas is getting closer!  I am happy to announce another wonderful giveaway with a lovely little etsy boutique called A Wild Violet!  They have supplied me with a number of super sweet/dainyy/boho knuckle rings which I absolutely love and adore.  Since Jennifer and Branden (the master's over there) love ya'll, they are offering a $50 shop credit for one lucky : the daily savant : reader!

Lotsa ways to enter!  Bonne Chance!

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
debshops paisley blouse, debshops faux fur vest, swallow's heart leather chevron necklace, marisa diane designs agate ring, indigo bananas nail polish, boho outfit, hippie outfit, germany, christmas in germany, christmas market

I live in Germany.  I've lived in Germany for over a year.  However, I often forget that I live in Germany (unless I happen to turn on the radio) because honestly, I don't get out nearly as much as I should (and when I do, I'm with Americans).  Enter: the Christmas market.  

Christmas markets are one of my favourite German customs.  Big cities and small villages alike play host to these gatherings.  Larger city markets often have rides, games, and concerts while my tiny village has a few food stands and an oompah band of sorts.  Last weekend was my 3-year anniversary with SB, so instead of being hermits, we headed to the closest market where we spent upwards of 2 hours drinking cocoa by a gigantic bonfire and then completely stuffed our faces to the point that I had a genuine food baby.  

… like when I Skyped with my mum and she asked what was going on with my belly and I told her that it was schnitzel, she started to think that I was preggo and had nicknamed the little nugget. 

Alas… it was really just schnitzel… and beer… 

… and really… nothing says "Christmas" like a bunch of dudes playing digereedoos in a hut.  Amiright? 

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