Friday, May 22, 2015

: Pateesh necklace giveaway…

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Yay!  Survived another week!  Celebrate by entering to win this fancy bead necklace from Pateesh (see how I styled mine tomorrow)! 

Super easy to enter!  This giveaway is international! 

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dream, dream, dream…

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Dreams.  Our subconscious at work.  They supposedly have all sorts of meanings, and if this is true, I need some serious help unraveling the doozy I had last night.  Here goes: 

I dreamt that I was wandering around my old high school, pregnant, and in need of a hair cut.  I managed to find my French teacher, who offered to cut my hair AND give me some colored extensions.  I asked him to cut off half an inch, redo my layers, and give me pink, purple, and black colored extensions.  

The next thing I know, I'm carrying a baby around the school and am apparently, a student.  The warning bell has rung and I'm freaking out because I don't know which class I'm supposed to be in and I haven't managed to name the baby yet.  I told someone that I wanted to incorporate some derivative of "Barbara" into the baby's name (side note: Barbara is the name of a cousin who passed away from lung cancer several months ago in real life).  

Apparently, I'd sat through several classes and made my way into the restroom where I got my first look at my hair cut.  My teacher had cut 8 inches off instead of the 1/2 inch I'd requested and the highlights were bleeding so that I had some giant pink, purple, and black stripes on one side of my head (it actually looked pretty good).  I had an absolute fit about my long hair having been cut off, was peeved that the baby was weeks old and I still hadn't managed to name her, and I couldn't figure out why I was in high school.  

The last bit of the dream that I remember was seeing myself in the main office yelling, "Why am I in high school again?  I have a flipping master's degree!"

… What in the name of Benjamin Button does all of this mean?  Please, help me unravel this… 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Manic Monday… and Sunday… and Saturday…

Sara Bergman Designs tie dye triangle top, Sammydress high waisted shorts, Swallow's Heart arrowhead necklace, Charlotte Russe moto boots, Lucky Brand plaid top, grunge, 1990s style, vintage

Things have been crazy in my neck of the woods lately.  Seriously.  I'm just waiting for life to slow down so that I can catch my breath.  Case and point: I took photos of this outfit 3 weeks ago, and just never got around to posting.  Some other crazy things that have happened over the last few days: 

Saturday: Dance recital.  I had 8 classes dancing and I danced with 2 of my upper level classes. No need to say more. 

Sunday: Was looking forward to resting my old arthritic knees, but after taking a nice bath in Epsom salts, my power went out.  Freaked out because I had no internet and my phone isn't working.  Drove to work to stash all of the perishable meats and dairy products (I really should consider going vegan) food that I'd just picked up at the store in the fridge at work.  Drove home, ended up getting the power fixed (had no food), and sleuthed around to figure out that when I ran my relaxing bath, water leaked through the floor, down the wall on the floor below and fried the socket that my dryer is plugged into.  Yay, water damage and a dead dryer. That was enough for that day. 

Monday: Woke up to a mysterious pile of rocks in the middle of my kitchen.  They weren't there at bedtime and as far as I know, no one came into the house overnight.  Very mysterious.  Once I was done freaking out about this, I hopped in the car super early to beat construction traffic on my way to work.  However, the road to work was closed and I had to drive all the way home (with a dead phone and almost no gas, mind you) to go the complete opposite way to get to work.  It took me an hour to do what should have taken 20 minutes tops.  And then there were those fun arthritic knees.  I think I ended up in tears about 3 times while teaching my morning gymnastics classes.  Things calmed down as the day progressed, and for that, I am ever thankful.  

Now, time to skip a bath so I don't blow a fuse, eat some Oreos, and climb into bed early.   

I apologize for the rant.  But I feel so much better now! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

: Le3no linen pants giveaway…

Weeeeeee, it's been a while but it's #freebiefriday once again!  I've had quite the week.  Our dance recital is tomorrow and there have been tons of rehearsals, costume adjustments, and meetings all week, but one of the things that has really helped me survive the craziness is my super comfy new linen pants.  Le3no was wonderful and sent me a pair and also sent another pair of small, black linen pants for one of you!  

I can tell you, without a doubt, that these trousers are soft, breezy, fit wonderfully and I was able to wear them to do normal-person things AND could teach dance classes in them!  Any gal would be lucky to own a pair of these! 

There are lots of easy ways to enter this giveaway!  Bonne chance, tout le monde! 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

And it's only Wednesday…

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This has been quite the week so far, and it's only Wednesday.  I'll spare you the details, but I've found myself mired in frustration with things that aren't fair, things that need to be fixed and things that just generally suck.  And I strongly dislike where my head is.  

There is so much negativity in there and even though I'm aware of it and am making a half-hearted attempt to find positives hiding under the negatives, I am, apparently, just not quite ready to make it over that hurdle yet.  

The sun is lovely.  Stealing a few minutes for a quick walk in the woods was refreshing, but I'm really ready to power down for the night.  

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Neon lights, specs, and the decrease in wages…

Classic Specs Sedgwick brûlée clear lens glasses, Romwe gold embroidered top, Layered & Long necklaces, Amy Waltz Designs sparkle cuff, outfit ideas

You know what I wish?  I wish that I was independently wealthy so that I wouldn't have had to take out so many darned loans to pay for undergrad.  Scrounging for hours to make money to pay them off without bleeding thousands of dollars in interest is spoiling my attempts to become a professional hedonist.  


I realized that I made more per hour as a college intern than I do with a master's degree.  WTF is up with that? 

Like, I kind of want to pass a law that says that no matter what your job is, if you have some sort of degree, you must make more than you did when you didn't have said degree.  My annual income in high school was more than it is now and I work more now than I did then.  

It simply cannot be explained.  Unless school is making me less intelligent and capable of functioning as a human being.  Which probably can't be possible because I've got these really smart specs on!  I love 'em!  They're great for covering up the giant Chanel bags under my eyes and have just the right touch of vintage to make me look like a zexy professor, but also a little bit like an undercover super hero. 

… whatever… my thoughts of being a college intern in NYC brought me back to days zipping through the subway and purposely getting lost (really not the most intelligent thing to do, amiright?) in the Big Apple and I made a playlist that makes me feel like a really happy hippie badass when I listen to it!  Check out : neon lights and tell me what you think! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

You know what's great?

Song Yee Designs geode necklace, Deb crochet hem tank top, fringe maxi skirt, boho outfit, bohemian outfit, hippie outfit

You know what's great? 


You know what else is great?

Coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee. 

With recital just around the corner (yes, that cranberry-coloured "tank top" under my shirt is, in fact, a leotard… I'm dancing with two of my upper level classes and had to try on costumes!) and a gymnastics exhibition rapidly following the dance show, I'm a zombie.  

… and that's why I'm glad that trees (to recharge the soul) and caffeine (to recharge the body) exist. 

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