Thursday, August 27, 2015


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I've really been loving my random in-between jobs walks out in the middle of nowhere.  Even if it does smell like cow and there's dirt in my sandals... it's cool. 

I just love the fresh air and the ability to be disconnected for a few minutes. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Three cheers for scrunched up faces, and built-in air conditioning...

fevrie tree tank, Swallow's Heart quartz necklace, Deb bralette, AMI Clubwear booties with fringe tassels, boho outfit, casual outfit, tie dye

Te he... I have no clue why I'm making that face ^ but I kind of love it.  

I also want to talk about the wonderful thing that is this tank top.  I know I haven't chatted a ton about fashion lately, but this was just one of those finds that I picked up to continue with my annual trend obsession (tie dye... last year it was Aztec print and the year before, it was leopard).  If I had to describe this tank top, I'd tell you that it's a mullet.

Yep.  Business in the front and a wonderful, airy, party in the back.  Oh yes, my friends, this top is held together at the top and then drapes open in just the right way to make every step a bit breezier.  And that was especially good because the day on which I decided to wear this tank (yes, with black skinny jeans and booties), it ended up being close to 90 degrees, so I was more than happy to have the extra air flow.  

I also love this top, because I can perfectly picture wearing a cami underneath it and then layering on a leather jacket and scarf for when the real fall weather hits.  

... oh and fun fact:  it's also kind of fun to wear backwards.  I think it would make kind of a fun beach cover up that way... 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Keep it local…

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The last month or so has been quite a roller coaster.  To help me maintain some sort of buoyancy, of the financial kind, I've gone back to babysitting.  I was happy to walk away from babysitting when I moved to Germany 2 years ago, dismissing it as a job for high school students, but with my regular job scheduling less hours and after the student that I home schooled on my lunch breaks moved away, I noticed that my income had tapered off.  

I'd been seriously fighting to pay off my undergraduate loans (all $36,000 worth) while still traveling as much as possible and I just had to get back to babysitting to help me get back on track.  

It turns out that I'd actually kind of missed taking care of kiddos.  When I first moved to Germany, I'd thought that I wanted to get married right away and start having kids, but once I started working, I changed my mind.  I decided to wait on the whole "settled down" package, but babysitting helps me get my fill of time with little punkins (with occasional emphasis on the "punk"). 

However, babysitting has also made my schedule a bit crazy.  I was spoiled in the states, because I could walk to most of my sitting jobs, but out here, everything is a drive.  It's easily 30 minutes from my house to a sitting house, another 30 minutes to work, another 30 to another family home, and 30 more minutes back to my house at the end of the night, so even though I am moving around a local area, I feel like I'm spending a ton of time commuting. 

One thing I am truly grateful for, though, is that many of the villages that I'm now visiting on a daily basis are absolutely beautiful and are located in just the right place that if I've done a good job scheduling myself, I get to sneak in quick walks or can eat my lunch in a field of sunflowers or some such wonder of the world.  

… it's always nice to know that if I can manage a few spare minutes, I can spend them somewhere inspiring… 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Reclaim time…

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“To experience a sense of belonging, we need to reclaim our humanity and place more value on the power of relationships.  We need to be with people and in situations where our fallibility is accepted rather than treated as something to be fixed.  We need to reclaim time, to have time on our hands, time to waste, time for unplanned conversation, time for biding our time.  These qualities of belonging are always available to us." 

I found that in the spring issue of Kinfolk, typed it into a Word document, and then promptly forgot about it for a month, but I'm glad I rediscovered it.  SB and I have been so busy trying to orchestrate the next phases of our lives (thanks for the uncertainty, military) that I think we've both forgotten about both interacting with other people and accepting any flaws that those particular people may have.  
Time ticks faster when there is too much to do.  I managed to squeak out 5 minutes to take these photos in the 30 minutes I had between babysitting and driving to meet two different people in two different places to sell some stuff before getting to work on time.  It was raining and the wind kept blowing hair into my face and I really debated not posting all of these pictures because of my lovely facial expressions, but I figured, "Heck, if I'm going to write about taking time and accepting flaws, these snaps are perfect." 

… and in keeping with the theme of taking time, I wanted to share a lovely little playlist that I put together.  It is called : lie in and is rather fabulous for those days when you don't have to get out of bed and can choose to lay around and do nothing for as long as you like! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dance teacher clothes to teacher clothes…

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Style is one of those evolutionary sorts of things (like humans, or Pokemon).  When I started : the daily savant : over three years ago, I was in this sort of glam phase (think Hanna from PLL).  Now that I've been back in the dance world, I've relaxed quite a bit and really started going down a rather bohemian path, but since we're getting ready to head back to the states and I will likely end up teaching school again, I'm kind of fearing for my current wardrobe.  

I love my funky print palazzo pants and kimonos in all shapes, sizes and colours and I really don't want to have to swap them out for the blazers and cardigans that I so cherished three years ago.  

Here's to hoping that socially acceptable clothing for teachers has evolved along with my style!  

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Life changes quickly (a call for help for a friend in need)…

New Dress white lace tank top, Deb palazzo pants, Marisa Diane Designs silver filigree ring, Emblem Eyewear sunglasses, boho outfit

These photos were taken a few weeks ago, on a day that had me feeling a bit frazzled.  I'd previously had a long work day and a late night.  I woke up extra early to get to babysitting on time, but when I arrived, they weren't expecting me.  I'd written down the wrong date.  

I'd not had time to pack my lunch and had another late night ahead of me. 

When I finished sitting (they let me stay, even though they didn't really need me) and got to work, I discovered that I'd put all my makeup on except for mascara.  

I was really frustrated (even after taking a quick 10 minute chill out/photo sesh with these hay bales)

… and then I heard about something that happened back home in Chicago to someone with whom I am personally acquainted and it really put my life in perspective.   This is also a call for help, because gosh knows, this girl has got a long road ahead of her and can use it!   

Tierney lived down the street.  I was on high school dance team with her older sisters and when she'd come to competitions, we joked that she was MY little sister because we were both super blonde and her older sisters weren't.  When I graduated, we lost touch, but I knew that like her sisters, she was a dancer and on a trip home from college I saw her perform in a high school show and she was AMAZING!  And I'm a dance teacher now… if I say she's amazing, it's cos the girl has talent.  

Anyway, a few weeks ago, while waiting at Chicago O'Hare Airport with her mom and younger sister for her dad to pick them up, the weather turned bad and they had to shelter in one of those metal inclement weather shelter thingers.  The wind got so strong it blew the thing over right on top of Tierney, and her family.  She was pinned to the ground with her legs under her and when they managed to get the shelter off of her, she couldn't move her legs.  Tests at the hospital showed that she'd severed her spinal cord and is now paralyzed from the waist down.  

Seriously, y'all, I was up all night thinking about this.  I thought I had it rough with my knee problems limiting my motion and making dancing difficult, but I have no words.  I cannot imagine what Tierney is going through right now.  She and her family are suing the city of Chicago, after an investigation found that the shelter was rusted and missing many of the bolts that should have held the structure safely to the ground.  This was a totally preventable incident and now her life will never be the same.  

If you want to read more about the story, click here for one of the better news articles I've found… and if you have any spare pocket change/latte money that you can donate to help her with rehabilitation/adaptive changes to her living space as she moves forward with this new phase in her life, please click here to do so! 

… if nothing else, please walk away from this post with the realization that the most constant thing in life is change and that appreciation of all the little things (like these here hay bales on a lovely summer day) can make a huge difference. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

: Zenned Out $35 shop credit giveaway…

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Bonjour, tout le monde!  It's #freebiefriday again and this week, I'm happy to connect y'all to Zenned Out, one of my favourite etsy shops! 

Owner Cassie has created oodles and oodles of beautiful and inspirational hand stamped bits of wonder like my Hamsa/lotus ring.  I just love the message hidden on the inside of it.  It's one of those things I need to remember to do more often (grrrrr…. crazy life).  I wear my ring just about every day as a happy little reminder to chill out.  If you want to grab one of these fabulous little tangible reminders, now is your chance!  

Enter now to snag $35 to Zenned Out on etsy!  Weeeeeee!  


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