Friday, February 27, 2015

: Lemon Drop Boutique giveaway…

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Anyone notice anything new/different about the site?  

You did?  You LOVE it?  

Why, thank you for noticing!  I'm rather fond of the new layout, myself!  Along with the the new spread, keep your eyes peeled for some new goodies!  Crafts, dance workouts, recipes galore (in addition to the outfits, travels, and giveaways that have been here all along).  

To celebrate our re-vamp, I've paired up with Lemon Drop Boutique (see how I've styled a sample of their jewelry HERE and check out this killer ring I posted on Instagram the other day!), who is going to give one lucky winner the item of their choice!  How cool is that?  I mean, that's an entire inventory you get to choose from!  Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, scarves… what are you waiting for!  

Enter now!  Bonne chance, tout le monde! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


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I was reading a magazine the other day, and came across an ad.  It was an ad for a mascara that promised to "pump up your lashes" or something along those lines and then included full disclosure saying: "We used fake lashes… but doesn't everyone?"

That kind of struck me.  First of all, I've never worn fake lashes.  I bought some on Amazon several months ago and chose the set I did, simply because it was a variety pack with a listing that said that glue was included.  There was no glue and so, I've still never worn false lashes.

I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around why cosmetic companies feel the need to advertise all of the supposed merits of a product and then feature them in a way that the majority of potential buyers won't use them (i.e. wearing false lashes).  That can only lead to: 

1) Upset customers 
2) A lot of wasted product
3) A waste of money.
4) A cosmetic empire based upon a heap of untruths

Perhaps it is because I have been trying to take the time to reflect on things, process the way the world seems to work, and make changes in my lifestyle based on what I've observed, but this ad really got me peeved.  And then I got even more ticked off by the potential outcomes of false advertising.  Having upset customers is something that all brands and companies will eventually have to teal with.  That's just a universal fact.  However, this upset is a waste of cash that, I don't know, could be used to feed someone and wasted product, since most people simply toss things that don't work, and then we come to number 4, which really makes me want to go full Jenga on cosmetic companies.  

I get that the world runs on commerce.  We seem to need currency and industry and an exchange of goods and services… but when your income is based upon false promises… yeah… not cool… 

If I were going to advertise something, I think I'd advertise it honestly and altogether avoid the need for full disclosure.  

… and in other news, I tried to look all chic again and only smiled with my teeth in a few photos. 

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Grunge and nostalgia…

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I wrote last week about all of the changes that are going to be occurring over here (and really… I can't wait… but I have to for a bit… these things take time!) and it got me thinking, once again, about my own life.  I've written about this before, but I'll be honest… I inherited some wine from a friend who is moving to Guam (!!!) tomorrow... and SB and I just killed a bottle of it... and I've got some really killer music on, so I'm feeling more reflective than usual.  

I really always thought that I would graduate college, get married right away (I'd been living with the same person for years).  We were going to buy (yes, buy… as 22-year olds) an amazing apartment in Chicago or Manhattan and work fabulous jobs (he in finance, me in fashion).  We were going to run in the fashionable circles and would inevitably end up attending charity functions and spending way too much time at VIP tables with bottles of Cristal.  I'd eventually make it into the pages of Teen Vogue, despite being my my twenties and only being 5'4" just because I was that cool.  By then, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie would be my BFFs, so they'd be sending their private jets to pick me up and fly me to Tahiti on the regular, and at that point, I wouldn't really have to work anymore.  I would have successfully Kardashiened my way to fame and would probably start popping out babies by then, because who doesn't love a celebrity baby?  

I think it's safe to say that none of that happened… thank goodness.  

In reality, I'm getting super nostalgic for the 90s.  My dancers have recently been subjected to a slew of Spice Girls, NSYNC, BSB, and old school Britney Spears in dance classes (and they still think I'm awesome… a class that I don't even teach, but stuck around to get started because their teacher was running late told me that they love my classes because I'm the "fun teacher.")(yay!).  And since the oldest I ever was in the 1990s was 13, I feel that I really missed out on a lot of the grunge fashion that's truly marked the era.  So I'm making up for lost times in this outfit.  What do ya think? 

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

I believe…

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Woke up this morning with the song "I Believe" by SOJA in my head and since it is a bright sunny day (clearly didn't take these snaps today!) and I may have finally succumbed to the bug that's been rippling through work like wildfire for the last month, I decided to give myself a day off.  A day to lay around and do nothing, if I so choose.  

In doing so, I've had the phrase "I believe" passing through my mind on repeat, and I came up of a list of little things that I believe in (and full believe helps to keep me in a state of relative sanity).

I believe in air drying.  Why do I need a machine to do what nature can do with little to no effort?

I believe in being liquid.  I'm not just talking about being a good saver, but about being prepared to flow into the next change that life throws at you. 

I believe in being sun kissed.  In addition to a healthy glow, the sun improves mood, energy level, and memory by way of vitamin D production.  Can't argue with that!

I believe in (though am admittedly horrible) at recharging.  Tired?  No energy?  Feeling blue?  If there is no sun (or even if there is sun), let yourself recharge.  We live in a society where there is almost always more that we are expected to do, but we really weren't made to be hamsters on a never-ending wheel.  Sit. Down. And do.  Nothing! 

I believe in the healing power of music.  I also equally believe in the quiet sounds of nature. 

I believe in having enough, not in having too much. 

I believe that chemicals, like people, can be wonderful and can help us, but can always be toxic.  Eliminate the bad and leave more room for the good. 

I believe in being self-sufficient just as much as I believe in helping those who need it. 

I believe in returning what you've borrowed.  

I believe in getting along.

I believe in noticing small things. 

I believe in trying to be happy. 

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

: Over the moon giveaway…

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Once upon a time, not very long ago, after weeks of cloudy sunless, moonless skies, Mother Nature decided to get happy.  The clouds parted and while driving home from work one night, I almost got into several accidents while gazing upon the long-lost moon.  It got me thinking (once again… as I've definitely had this thought before), the moon is one of those things that is always there, but is still always changing. Change is a bit scary, but also necessary as time goes by, and so, today, while lounging around the house in a maybe-cold/maybe-flu funk, I decided to revamp : the daily savant : and I am over the moon!  So over the moon, that I'm giving away this fabulous crescent moon necklace from Skar Designs.  I found this shop while cruising social media a while back and fell in love with the simple but detailed (cos that makes sense) design ethic of jewelry mastermind, Renee.  I featured a massive layered necklace/arm party of her work in the Alps last week, and really can't get over how much I love the details she adds to her jewelry. 

THIS GIVEAWAY IS INTERNATIONAL!  Stay tuned for some fun blog changes!  

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


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Let's briefly discuss just how bi-polar (this is going to turn into a joke… wait for it) I can be.  Several days ago, I said that I was completely done with cold weather.  I did a  quick photoshoot in short sleeves, outside, on a day that happened to be as windy as all get out AND was below freezing (see… freezing… polar… funny?).

… then I went skiing

Well, tout le monde, I can tell you with absolute certainty that I am now completely over the cold weather.  I've got all the chilly season stuff out of my system.  

… and I've taken up wearing crop tops again, even though the highest temp I've seen in a week is 40 degrees! 

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Monday, February 16, 2015

To infinity, and beyond…

Ever get super bored on the weekend and wish that you had something epic to do?  Me too.  That's why, after literal months of ying-yanging around with what to do over our long weekend, SB and I decided to pack our bags and hit the road down to the Alps (Garmisch) for a totally spontaneous ski trip.  And before you ask, yes, I am still in awe of the fact that I'm able to say something like that (#luckygirl). 

Now, I used to think very highly of my ski skills, but that was before the arthritis kicked in.  I learned in the Rockies and definitely considered myself to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie.  As far as runs go, greens were blah, blues were fun (as long as I got to jump and ski through the trees), and blacks were a challenge, but a welcome one.  I was really looking forward to hitting the slopes.  And then I realized that I hadn't been skiing in about 8 years, have dislocated my bad knee several times in that range of time, and my good knee has also gone bad.  I was a bit anxious, but let me give ya'll a brief rundown of how things went:  

After waiting in line to park the car, parking and waiting the 25+ minutes it took SB to get his snow gear on and ready to go, waiting an additional 20 minutes or so to get our lift tickets (note, it was 1045 and they offered a reduced price pass for 1100 and later, but refused to give it to us unless we waited in line again), waited another 10 minutes in line to get into the gondola (which ended up being a rather uncivil pushing and shoving for space… but maybe I'm just over-accustomed to skiing in America where there is someone helping you do everything), we finally made it to the middle of the mountain.  We then had to get in another line mad crush of peeps on skis all fighting for a space on the chair lift.  I kid you not, skiing at Garmisch is some sort of survival of the fittest game. 

Anywho, skiing on the Alps is definitely different from skiing in the Rockies.  At least on the day that we were there.  The snow had been thoroughly carved out with little to no powder.  This made my arthritic knees less than happy and after two tiny little runs and one full run down the back side of the mountain, I was perfectly content to stake out a spot at one of their outdoor bars and stuff myself with beer, bratwurst, and a quick cappuccino… you know… for stamina… because… coffee. 

Let me tell you, the cappuccino was easily the most disgusting cup of coffee I've ever had the displeasure of consuming, despite the addition of approximately 3 tablespoons of sugar, but Germans have definitely got this whole drinking and skiing thing figured out.  I felt great for the first half of my next run, but when we took a wrong turn and ended up on a cross country run in our downhill skis, I was basically over it.  Cue more beer and a quick rest before heading back to the car to take photos of the breathtaking surrounding while SB took another 30 minutes to get back out of the earlier-donned snow gear.  Dudes… they take forever to get ready, amiright? 

(He's steaming!  Literally, steaming!)

(Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway!  If you can't wait, sign up for their newsletter and receive 10% off)
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