When in Venice…

Monday, October 20, 2014
debshops grey tee, debshops destroyed jeans, debshops booties, debshops satchel bag, swallow's heart agate horn necklace, kameleonz sunglasses

… you ride a gondola… but if you're super cheap like me, you just attempt to make eye contact with the gondoliers and smile coyly in the hopes that he will let you sit in the gondola to take a photo… which, in my case, failed repeatedly.  

In any case, Venice is amazing.  I love visiting a new place with the express purpose of getting lost, which was insanely easy to do in Venice.  For real.  The dead ends and twists and turns of the city make me wonder if the original architects a gazillion years ago weren't in some sort of insane opium haze when they planned the layout of this place.  

By the end of the night, in my heeled booties, after a day of airplanes, boats, trains and buses, I was ready to go to bed, but it was in these small hours of the night that we ended up getting super lost.  Like, feeling like a mouse in a maze in an evil scientist's laboratory lost.  

… in any case, Venice is amazing… and I discovered that I am obsessed with gondolas. 

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Floral superhero...

Saturday, October 18, 2014
deb shops rose print duster, chicnova black maxi dress with slit, deb black ankle booties, niquegeek ravenclaw ring, 9th & elm guitar string ring, harry potter, boho, bohemian, hippie
Bonjour, tout le monde! I did the sneakiest thing ever and took off for a week without wifi and I didn't tell anyone! I had everything all set up to autopsy while I was gone, but the internet, apparently, wanted to get revenge on me for disconnecting for a week and it decided not to post a bloody thing while it was gone; therefore explaining my total absence from the wonderful world of blogging.  Needless to say, I am sitting at the airport, voraciously clicking and typing away with my 30 minutes of complimentary wifi access. 

Let me tell you, it was kind of nice to walk around the world without iPhone, iPad or laptop for a whole week, but I did feel a bit naked and actually checked instagram first thing once I could connect. I will be spending all of tomorrow (my birthday!!!) editing photos from Venice, Athens, Croatia, and Turkey and am looking forward to catching up on the wonderful world of web! 

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In my white tee…

Friday, October 10, 2014
deb shops white tee, deb shops dark wash skinny jeans, deb shops sling back booties, charming damsel black lace headband, marisa diane designs rings, 9th & elm ring, mountain just jewelry angler necklace, lazuli handcrafted beryl necklace, emerson and oliver did bracelets

Tout le monde, I cannot even tell you how long I've spent searching for the perfect white tee.  I think that in the last 5 years, I've owned about 15 different white tees: fitted tees, baggy tees, scoop neck tees, square neck tees, off-shoulder tees, etc.  Nothing feels as good as this white tee!  I don't know if it is the unusual hem that's got me loving it, but whatever it is, I don't care!  I just want to wear this white tee forever and ever.  Add these new jeans and open-heel booties to the mix (the wash!  the fit!  the degree of comfort that comes from these booties!) and I pretty much never want to take this outfit off. 

On a side bar… our Starbucks got pumpkin spice!  Surprise!  Downside: it was the most disgusting cup of coffee I have ever had the displeasure of spending $5 on.  Sad face! 

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The good life…

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
black fringe kimono, crop top, black leggings, deb shops black slingback booties, half united bullet jewelry, charming damsel headband, boho outfit, bohemian outfit, hippie outfit, monochrome outfit

Have you ever put on an outfit that makes you feel like an absolute, total and complete badass?  Well, pardon my French, but this outfit makes me feel like a chic super villain!  I think the only thing I'd change is I would have worn a different belly ring, like this one with the hardcore, wicked awesome skull, and showed it off a bit more!)

Add that to the fact that my dad just sent me the entire line of Trader Joe's pumpkin products and that the official Birthday Cruise countdown has officially begun, and friends, I'm happily living the good life… 

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It's Monday…

Monday, October 6, 2014

deb shops grey moto jacket, deb shops grey split hem tee, deb shops black illusion leggings, deb shops leopard print slip ons, marisa diane designs paua shell ring, casual outfit ideas, casual style, sporty style, athletic style outfit, walk in the woods, fog

In case ya'll didn't get the message: it's Monday.  One of those chilly, foggy Mondays that makes a girl want to hurl her alarm clock across the room in retaliation of it's sheer rudeness at having interrupted her deeply relaxed Sunday night beauty sleep.  

This girl snoozed.  And snoozed.  And snoozed.  And then remembered that she had new clothes to put on, so she rolled out of bed, got dressed and took a quick pre-work day walk in the foggy woods!  How has your Monday been?  

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Walk like an Egyptian (Goddess costume)…

Sunday, October 5, 2014

            Oh hey, there, tout le monde!  I feel like I need to clear something up after my rant about fall the other day.  If you love fall, go ahead and love it.  But if you don’t really love it, it’s ok.  Love your own season and please, don’t mock me because I really do love colorful leaves, crunchy leaves, the smell of burning leaves, wearing scarves and sweaters, and drinking insane quantities of pumpkin coffee.  I just love fall.  And I won’t mock you with eye rolls and memes if you love winter, spring, or summer.  Promise.

            Anyway, let’s get down to business here.  It is an established fact that I am in love with fall.  I love the weather (even the dark, grey, cold, rainy days that I actually detest in the winter).  I love the colours.  I love the tastes.  Not just pumpkins… I’m talking candy… trick-or-treat candy… and trick-or-treat candy means one thing: HALLOWEEN! 

            We know that I love ghosts and scary stories (please leave me some in the comments section here… I’ve been scouring bookshops, the library, and the internet for creepy tales, but nothing gives me the heebie jeebies more than a good, old fashioned personal encounter).  I also love dressing up (as we saw from this steampunk castle picnic party post), so when I was contacted and asked to give a Halloween costume a test drive, I jumped at the chance!  I got to work with Wholesale Halloween Costumes and was overwhelmed by the wide array of choices they offer (and their 10% military discount)!
            After literally hours of deliberating, I opted for this Egyptian Goddess costume because it is sparkly and has lots of pieces and I really wanted a chance to wear my awesome gladiator sandals again!  This costume arrived about 2 weeks after I placed my order (which is something of a miracle living overseas!) and I am super pleased with it! 
            The pieces fit true to size, create a complete look, and make me feel pretty darn fabulous!  Because I tend to be a bit more modest with Halloween costumes and don’t always go for those sexy ideas that many favor, I have to say that I like this costume.  It isn’t too short, and though, I wore shorts under it for these photos, I don’t feel super exposed in it! I’m also kind of tempted to wear the necklace in an every day outfit (I could totes use it at a statement piece in a monochromatic outfit, right?).

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