Pretty little outfit…

Saturday, August 30, 2014
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Sooooooo, I may or may not have been totally bingeing on "Pretty Little Liars" lately… 


I'll come clean.

Meh, I've already tweeted about it, so it's no use keeping it a secret any longer.

I'm obsessed with this show!  I didn't get into it when it was on TV, but my interest was piqued a few years ago while I was working in a book shop.  I had teenaged girls coming in and asking for the latest installment and it was at that point that I figured I may as well give the show a try (since I was already reading an average of 3 books at a time).  I slogged through the first and second seasons, but was hooked by the third.  I got all caught up and then realized that I couldn't remember half of the things that happened in the earlier seasons, so I started over from the beginning and have been bingeing ever since.  It is my guilty pleasure.  Truly, this show has it all for me: drama, fashion, and it does make my brain work, as every season I think I've finally pinned down who A is and when the new season begins, I find that I've been mislead… again… and again… and again… so don't spoil it if you know what's up.  I've only gotten back through season 3. 

This outfit looks like something I would have worn about 5 years ago when I was living in NYC.  I've clearly been operating on a much more bohemian vibe lately, but PLL must have wormed it's way into my brain whilst I was getting dressed.  I ended up in an Aria/Hanna hybrid look, plus smiles and daisies that are my own addition! 

Boots inherited from a friend

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: Street People Atelier giveaway…

Friday, August 29, 2014
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Woot, woot!  Happy Friday, ya'll!  Remember the brain trip I had earlier in the week with my "Mirrored Times" tee from Street People Atelier?  Well, in the case that you've been wanting to go on a similar trip, you're in luck!  Street People Atelier has been fabulous enough to offer one lucky : the daily savant : reader a free tee of their choice!  They are soft.  They are chic.  They are the perfect piece to dress up or down!  

If you missed my last post, see how I styled my tee HERE and look for a new one in a couple of days! 

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I capture the castle…

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Today was one of those days that I totally take for granted.  Not only did I get to sleep in, have pumpkin coffee (yay, leftover pumpkin spice VIA from last fall), play Pottermore (cos I'm a nerd… if you're a nerd, too, go ahead and friend me… Silverglow31111), it was one of those days that I was able to call a friend and say, "Hey, want to go to the castle this afternoon?" and her response was, "Sure, which one?"

Is this real life?  We live in a place where there is more than one castle in close radius?  

YES!  It's true.  And the castle is totally real.  I climbed all over it!  

… and if you've never read the book "I Capture the Castle" by Dodie Smith, I highly recommend it! 

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Starry eyes…

Saturday, August 23, 2014
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Hit, hit, hit, hit, hit me with lightning… 

Oh, poor Soldier Boy… sometimes he comes home from work and I'm in the kitchen making dinner dressed like this.  Purple extensions, purple contacts, nose ring, tutu and all.  

I mean, some dudes might be totally excited by something like this… but I'm pretty sure he just thinks I'm crazy.  

The thing about it is, if I weren't a teacher, I think I'd wear a nose ring all the time.  I also think I'd like to have purple hair.  And a sleeve… of tattoos.  For real. Underneath it all, I'm pretty sure I'm a total punk… or something like that… 

… and since I am confessing things and happen to have these fabulous Big Dipper ear clips on, I figure that now is the perfect time to unveil how weird my freckles are.  When you just glance at my arm, you see nothing really special, however, if you connect the dots, you'll see that I have a Big Dipper of my very own (yes, I have to draw one freckle in)!  My mum and aunt also have this same freckle pattern in the same spot… and it makes me wonder if we aren't really a family of witches or something magical like that… 

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Looking in the mirror…

street people atelier mirrored times tee, deb shops high waisted shorts, deb shops black wedges, charming damsel headband, kameleonz sunglasses, nature look pyrite cube necklace, tights outfits

First of all, this is probably the first and last time that my legs are ever going to look quite this long.  Huzzah for black tights, heels, and short shorts!  

Second, this shirt sent my brain on the biggest trip ever.  Seriously.  It is called the "Mirrored Times" shirt because if you look directly at it, it says "New York City" but is done the way it would look if you were looking in the mirror.  Kinda cool, right?  Well, tout le monde, when I happened to glance in the mirror to adjust my headband, I about freaked.  My shirt said "New York City" and it wasn't backwards.  I was stunned for a good 5 seconds and then had a major "oh, duh" moment. 

… and if you like my watch, you're in luck!  Enter to win one of your own HERE

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: Rakani watch giveaway…

Friday, August 22, 2014
rakani watches, freebie friday, giveaway, sweepstakes, freebie, free, win it, contest

What time is it?  Friday… and, coincidentally, time for ya'll to enter to win a super snazzy new time piece from Rakani!  I've had my "Stuck in Traffic" watch (complete with Swarovski crystals) for about a year, and let me just say that it has converted me from someone who absolutely NEVER wears a watch, to someone who literally jumps up and down when someone asks what time it is because it means that I get to look at this beaut!  

Since my peeps at Rakini are just as wonderful as can be, they are going to give one of you a free watch from their shop!  You get to choose the one you win, but I will definitely encourage you to go for "Stuck in Traffic."  


… I sincerely hope that this giveaway came just in time to kick off a wonderful weekend!  #freebiefriday, FTW! 

… oh… and this is something like a $250 value… just putting that out there!  Now enter!  There are a gazillion ways to get in on the action! 

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Love or loathe…

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Travel.  It's one of those things that people seem to really love or really loathe.  I get it!  From the saving up, planning out, and getting to a destination (not to mention paying the bill for it once vacay time is over), travel can be an intense pain in the you-know-what.  However, as you've probably picked up on here, tout le monde, I have an incurable case of wanderlust and since I've had lots of questions and comments here and on IFB about my worldly wanderings, I thought I'd take some time to answer them/share a few things! 

I was lucky enough to be born to a father who grew up all over the world (notably, Tasmania and Taiwan… yay, military brat) and a mother with a secret side that craves adventure.  Oh, and an aunt who has traveled the world a few times over.  From my first plane ride from Chicago to Albuquerque as a 3-year old (all I remember is being repeatedly given a piece of gum and told to do nothing but chew it, but managed to swallow every single piece I was given) to walking down the street in Kingstown, Jamaica with locals approaching to touch my hair (which was practically iridescent at the time), I've always been a traveler of sorts.  I was extremely lucky that my parents ALWAYS took me on a spring break.  Whether it was a Caribbean cruise (running around the Mayan ruins in Tulum and wondering if the palace guards from Olmec's Temple (remember "Legends of the Hidden Temple" on Nickelodeon?) would sneak out and kidnap me), a trip to Disney World (where the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, I'm sure, shaped much of what became some of my favourite things in life), or a trip to the soft white beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, I got around.  

I first visited England when I was 17.  My aunt spends months every year in Cambridge, Stratford, and London, and for years, I'd been begging to see what Europe was like.  It was culture shock to me, as when my mum re-married, I'd grown accustomed to flying first class and staying at the Ritz Carlton with my step-father.  Lugging my suitcases up 5 flights of stairs (buildings without elevators exist?) to stay in a postage stamp-sized bed in a postage stamp-sized room was too much for me!  I hated England and couldn't wait to return to the states (aka, the land of big everything and technology galore).  My travel was restricted back down to places within the US, the occasional cruise, a few jaunts to Canada, and a couple of trips to Mexico (one of which consisted of me getting into and out of the country by plane without a passport or birth certificate… more on that if you want it later).  

When I was 23, I realized that I felt fenced in.  England needed to be conquered once more, and so, on Christmas Day, 2010, my aunt and I boarded a plane to London.  I happily lugged my suitcase up 5 flights of stairs to sleep in a postage stamp-sized bed in a postage stamp-sized room.  I felt free again.  When Soldier Boy and I started dating, I made 3 trips to Europe in one year (side bar: I worked a full-time job, a part-time job, babysat, house sat, pet sat, tutored, sold goodies on etsy, and was the queen of consignment shops and online surveys.  Also, since I worked so much, I didn't have a ton of time to go out, so I wasn't spending cash on drinks, dinners, movies, etc.).  

I was stuck in the states, finishing my master's degree and lived for my overseas jaunts.  I graduated early and was all set to pack my bags and move in with him in Germany (because really… the job market was awful, I was living with my parents during grad school, and without kids or pets, all I had to lose was time and money… no biggie, right?) he deployed.  When we knew when he'd be returning from deployment and I was still living at home, not able to find a job that I both liked and that wanted me, I figured I may as well take the plunge!

I sold most of my stuff, packed my bags, and the rest is history.  

Living in Europe, as you'll hear often, is great because of how many cultures are crammed into a small space.  In the 13 months that I've been here, I've visited 13 countries.  Some of these we've been able to visit multiple times (I'm looking at you: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy) and sometimes we have days where we eat each meal in a different country.  We're getting ready to cross about 4 more countries off of our wanderlust list during a Birthday Week cruise in October!

How are we able to swing this? 
Plainly put, we are cheapskates.  We pick up pennies from the sidewalk. We use coupons.  We rarely go out to dinner when we're home.  I complete a battery of paid surveys through apps and the web each and every day (and I'll send you that info, if you want to make some extra cash).

… wow, that was a lot of rambling!  If you want more info about how we travel and are able to travel so much for so little, please leave me a comment/shoot me an e-mail, etc.!  In the case that you were curious, the photos in this post are from a Medieval festival in a town near where we live!  Also, twirling is still my favourite.  

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