Thursday, October 8, 2015


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I figured that today is as good a time as any to spend some time with some cows.  Spotted these lovelies while driving home from babysitting and thought I'd say hello!  

That's all for now!  Enjoy! 

Scarf handmade by me (for sale for $20- Please comment below if you'd like it! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The times we had... in Tallinn...

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Once upon a time, I fell in love with a little city full of cafés and cobblestone streets, tucked behind a medieval wall.  That city is Old Town Tallinn, Estonia, the last stop on our Baltic cruise.  As with all of the other Eastern European countries I've visited, I arrive with little to no expectation, having heard all about how poor and desolate the country is, and I leave completely smitten. 

Old Town Tallinn most definitely did not disappoint.  We disembarked the cruise ship and easily walked to our hotel (Tallink Express Hotel).  After dropping off our luggage, it was about a 5 minute walk to the gates of Old Town.  

We wound up and down the streets until a Ferris wheel made of teacups and spoons in the window of Maiasmokk, the so-called oldest café in all of Estonia.  A lovely cappuccino, a tiramisu, and a run-in with some friends we made on the ship and we were all off on a free guided tour of the city.  I don't think I ever actually knew the name of the tour company, but all of the guides are college students.  Ours was incredibly knowledgable and shared with us many stories about the history of Estonia (did you know that 70% of Estonians believe that trees have souls?... pretty cool!).  

After the tour, we had the entire day to wander, and wander we did.  We had an elderflower beer in the square, got lunch at a vegan restaurant, stumbled into an art exhibit.  We watched a few painters create art (and bought some).  One of my favourite stops of the day was the Pierre Chocolaterie, which we happened upon quite by accident down an alley.  It's one of those places where none of the furniture matches, it's warm, cosy, and 1930s Parisian music plays from what surely must be an old phonograph player.  I had yet another cappuccino and a chili chocolate (if you ever want to get me a gift, their chili chocolate would be it!).  We had dinner in a pub that also happened to be hosting a wedding.  At this point, I was 2 cappuccinos, a truffle, some tiramisu, some flaffel, a heaping plate of chips in, but when SB finally located Hell Hunt (supposedly the oldest pub in Tallinn), we had to make another stop!  They had a huge beer and food menu, but I couldn't find room for anything else! 

I know that I've been missing big noisy cities lately, but Old Town inspired me so much that I didn't even want to set foot in Tallinn-proper.  I think that of all the places I've visited, based on what our tour guide told us about Estonians as a whole and what I saw in Old Town, if I ever had to move to another European country, it would be Estonia.  


: earth child playlist and the case of the disappearing photos...

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Sometimes, on a beautiful day, you wake up, put on an adorable outfit, babysit some super cute kiddos for a few hours, drive to a hay field, and photograph your outfit.  

Sometimes, when a few days later (and after a day trip) you upload your photos to your computer, erase the disk, disconnect the camera, and restart your laptop.  

Sometimes, when you do all of these things, your laptop decides to erase all traces of the photos you just uploaded and you spend several hours downloading "free" recovery programs that either don't work, or aren't free.  

Sometimes, when you're about to tear your hair out, you happen to stumble across a miracle program that is able to pull deleted photos off your disk... for free... but half of your files were corrupt... and so, instead of outfit photos, you are left with three partial images as the only trace of your beautiful day fabulosity.  You'll just have to use your imagination to piece it all together!  

And in other news, since it is #MmmmMonday, I have another playlist for you!  I don't know if you know this about me, but I am constantly scanning the inter webs for new music and so, I am constantly accumulating tunes, but I don't always listen to them, occasionally for years after I've acquired them. 

To give my songs more play time, every once in a while, I'll select a word or a theme and make a playlist of songs that have my theme in the title.  That's exactly what this playlist is.  It is called 
: earth child and is a random selection either of songs that I already knew were about earth-related things or had words like: sun, moon, rain, tree, etc. in the title.  Usually, these playlists don't blend so well, but I've ended up with a rather fantastic hippie rock/indie/folk list of songs that I hope you'll all enjoy very much! If you want more tunes, please click on the : Music : tab to the left <<<

Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Wanderung we will go...

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One of the truly great things about living in Germany is that on just about any given weekend in all seasons, there is some sort of festival or market going on.  In the last 2 years, we've been to wine fests, sausage tests (yes, really...), pumpkin fests, beer fests, Oktoberfests, Christmas markets, meat markets (again, yes, really) and seen advertisements for things like "Onion Celebrations" and the like.  

A few weekends ago, a nearby village hosted a 4-mile culinary walk (or a Wanderung) through some great wide open fields.  At the entrance, we paid 7 Euros each for a wine glass that came with a handy dandy necklace, and a map that took us through the fields to 8 separate stops.  At these stops, tents from local catering companies and restaurants were set up with food and wine on offer.  With the purchase of our wine glasses, we were able to sample wines for 1.50 Euros per glass (as opposed to 3.50 Euros without the glass) and food was extra.  I kind of wish that I hadn't purchased the glass, as I only ended up sampling one wine and saved my cash for eats! 

It was an insanely expensive way to spend time outside and get 4-miles worth of exercise by walking and I think that we probably ate and drank back all the calories we burned from walking, but the weather was fabulous, the air was fresh, and we ran into some of my former students and got to spend some time outside of the dance studio, chatting face to face about life. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

VIP Cardio Abs Zumba Workout

Yes, tout le monde, in keeping with the changes I am trying to set up here, if I happen not to have a giveaway planned for #freebiefriday, I'll be sharing with you something for #fitfriday!  As you may know, I've spent the last few years teaching dance and gymnastics in Germany and while I am currently sitting out teaching while waiting to have knee surgery, I'm still trying to stay in shape.  I may have a big huge knee brace on and I might be a bit wobbly, but I've still got lots to share!

Today, I am sharing a cardio dance/ab toning routine that my jazz dancers, Zumba dancers, and adult dancers have all enjoyed.  The song is called "VIP" by a band called Manic Drive (I found it on NoiseTrade, which if you don't know, is a great place to legally download music by indie artists for free).  Please pardon my little mess up when I get down on the ground for crunches!  Someone walked into the room and totally threw me off my game!  I hope you enjoy this workout!  Happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Where to draw the line...

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I tell you what: I love the fall, but I think it is making people crabby.  

It hasn't even been cold and grey and rainy here yet.  

Maybe it's just because school has been back in session for a month or so, but the vibes in the community have changed.  

I may or may not have shared that due to my knee injury and the fact that we were supposed to move back to the states in October, I am not teaching any dance or gymnastics classes this year.   However, because I still need to have at least 20 hours of work a week, 100% of my job consists of sitting at tables in various buildings to hand out Bandaids or ice packs and lock up at the end of the night.  

In one of these buildings, my table is actually a desk.  Picture at the doctor's office, so that the surface of the desk is low and there is a high wall that hides computers, etc.  By the time I get to work in this building, the office is closed, so the lights are off and I get to hide behind the desk.  No one really knows I'm there.  And since I am so well hidden, I hear a lot of things that people share in what I think they assume is in confidence.  

... oh boy, was there a heck of a lot of racism going on in here last night.  I didn't say a thing, but at one point, I stood up, left the office, and walked right in front of the two people who were deeply embroiled in a conversation about things that I do not want to revisit here.  It was bad.  And last night wasn't the first instance of this.  

It's tricky, because I'm all about letting people have their opinions.  Free speech and freedom of thought can be great things, but it makes me wonder where the line between good and bad should be drawn.  

I really can't say, so I'm electing to just smile through it. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Onion domes, mosaics, and pancakes, oh my...

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It's #HowToTuesday and, as promised, here are the remainder of the photos from our trip to St.Petersburg.  

As I've said, we visited Russia on a cruise and had a visa through said cruise to be in Russia.  Even with that blanket visa, we booked a "visa-free" guided tour with TJ Travel.  This was the second day of our tour.  We started out with a quick stop in Palace Square to take photos and then moved quickly on to the Hermitage/Winter Palace.  Our tour got us early admission, so our tiny group of 9 had the place to ourselves.  

I don't know about actual square footage or number of works of art, but I feel like the Hermitage is even bigger than the Louvre in Paris.  And let's not forget about the gold leaf everywhere.  We saw works of art by Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo DaVinci (the only Ninja Turtle without works on display was Donatello), the most amazing peacock clock on the planet, and rooms upon rooms of other pieces of history.  The Amber Room, though a reproduction (because the original was disassembled and hidden from the Nazis during WWII and has never been recovered), was mind blowing.  

Our next stop was to the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, one of the more iconic buildings in St.Petersburg.  The name is quite a mouthful, but is named as such because the church was built upon the site where Emperor Alexander II was murdered in 1881.  The outside of the church is a brightly mosaicked work of brick and onion domes (that have really always reminded me of cupcakes).  The interior walls are completely covered in mosaics of biblical scenes.  It truly is a site to see. 

Our day was rounded out by a walk along the Nevsky Prospect (saw Starbucks in Cyrillic... thought that looked quite interesting), a quick lunch of Russian pancakes and dumplings, and a quick visit to Peter and Paul Fortress where the Romanoff's (think "Anastasia") are buried.  

... yes, including Anastasia... or so they claim... 

Overall, the trip was successful!  If you ever find yourself in need of a tour of St.Petersburg, I highly recommend TJ Travel!  Our guide, Nina, was amazing/full of history/bubbly and made the whole experience one to remember!