Saturday, July 4, 2015

A misguided adventure...


Ever want to go to the middle of nowhere, walk around a whole bunch, and then hop on a boat and go back to civilization. if you said "yes" to any of that, a trip to the Sicilian island of Favignana is in order for you!  This day was at the tail end of our Italian adventure (with kids) and we were all getting a bit worn down at this point. But had been told that island hopping, to Favignana in particular, was a must do.  

Our day started in Cornino, we drove to the big harbor city, hopped on a boat and were dropped at the tiny little harbor in Favignana. Since we had done absolutely no research about this island, but had heard that there was a pretty beach, we headed into the nearest tourist information stand (next to a gelato shop just inland from the bay). Turns out, the info point was really just a scooter/bike rental place in disguise.  After much debate about not wanting to learn to drive the scooters with children as passengers, my bum knee inhibiting my ability to pedal a bicycle, and one of the kids being too tiny for an electric bike, we opted for a cab (they people in the rental p,ace to.d us that it would cost 10 euros per person, but actually only ended up costing 3 euros per person), we were off on our way to the beach.

Or so we thought.  The lady in the info point recommended a particular beach, but when we for there, it was pretty water and a sheer cliff face.  After more debate, we started walking down to the blue grotto (supposedly like the one on the Amalfi Coast).  Nothing.  Nowhere to catch a boat out there.  No beach. There were some caves to explore, but the kids wanted a beach.  We walked on. Stopped people going the opposite direction to ask how far the beach was.  Were repeatedly told that it was about 10 minutes away, so we carried on for 10 more minutes and continually found no beach.  The kids were crabby, my knee was shot, and we were all hot.  

This led to a trek back to the only shade we could find (the big orange granita stand pictured up there ^) where we called a cab.  The same driver we had at the beginning of the day whisked us away, gave us a quick tour of the island (the beach had been about a 45 minute walk away from where we'd turned around), and deposited us back in the harbor, where we devoured some gelato and hopped a hydrofoil back to the big island. 





Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A corner of my heart…

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I'm kind of debating changing my social media bio and adding the bullet point ": wanderer of ancient/medieval cities," since I've been doing it so often lately! 

Welcome to the beautiful city of Erice, Sicily.  It is at the top of the hill and just about everything about it, including the drive up the mountain, kind of blows my mind.  

From the elaborately cobbled streets to the friendly (and polite stray dogs) that ran from restaurant to restaurant waiting patiently for table scraps, Erice has stolen a tiny corner of my heart.   

Monday, June 29, 2015

On an island in the sun…

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Imagine this:  You're at the beach.  Freshly lathered in sunscreen.  You've dug out the perfect arc of sand beneath your towel so that your back rests comfortably on the earth.   Waves are lapping at the shore.  Children laugh and murmur in Italian as they determine the best way to build the perfect sandcastle.  You are sun kissed.  You are relaxed.  You are just about to drift off to sleep when a shadow covers you.  

You open your eyes. 

It's a man in a white tunic.  A scarf wrapped around his head.  He is brandishing a case of jewelry and demanding in 6 different languages that you must buy his bracelets.  

You put up your hand and shake your head.  You feel bad about it cos hey, he's got to make a living, but you just want to relax.  After you've given him a firm "No" several times, he wanders off and you sink back into your beach cloud.  Just as you hit that perfect point of relaxation someone wanders along to inform you that you simply cannot survive your day at the beach without an inflatable turtle.  


This, friends, is a day at the beach in San Vito Lo Capo.  

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Getting tribal in Sicily…

Woo hoo!  Made it to Sicily.  I haven't mentioned this yet, but back in Rome, my trusty old arthritic knee decided to blow out on me.  I'm not really sure what I did, but it just started throbbing and then the night before flying to Sicily it locked up, wouldn't bend, wouldn't straighten, and I had a mini panic attack.  Good thing the airport was small, because I gimped around it on a bent leg like nobody's business.  

I suppose it was a good thing that we were just sitting at a gate, sitting on a plane, and sitting in a car, though because sitting was about all I could manage on this particular day.  

Anyway, here was my first glimpse of Sicily.  We rented a house way out in the middle of very little and it was rather fantastic. We had a view of a mountain from our wrap around covered patio, and a beach down the street.  The guy who owned our house (and all of the other houses in the neighborhood… he's clearly developing an empire) had a giant garden with chickens and horses.  

All in all, our digs were pretty legit.  As this was a travel/gimp day, all I have for ya are some outfit pics, but I can't say enough good about this look.  I especially love my new Hamsa necklace

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The old country…

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Welcome to Ostia, an ancient city a mere 30 minute train ride from Rome.  I'd never actually heard of this city until we got to Rome and one of our travel party mentioned that a friend had visited and recommended it.  We set aside a whole day to venture out of the big city and I'm glad that we did.  

At first glance, Ostia looked like a few rows of decaying brick ruins, and we were a bit upset at having paid what we deemed a rather steep 10 Euros/person to get in (there are discounts… I managed to get in for 6 Euros by showing my military ID and telling them that I am a teacher… Note: my ID says nothing about teaching and there is a sign that says that teachers get in for free.  I guess I found a happy medium of sorts), but the city is gigantic.  

We didn't spring for the audio guide, didn't have a private guide, and there are only a few signs posted throughout to give you some semblance of what used to take place here, but I kind of liked not being totally clued in. 

Of course, we had some background from having had such a wonderful guide in Pompeii and Ercolano last summer, so we were able to kind of figure out which ruins had once been shops and which ruins had once been homes and that was helpful, but overall, I enjoyed being able to run free through the city. 

It's also a pretty spectacular place to play hide and seek. 

Dress from a street vendor last summer in Rome