Monday, July 25, 2016

Boho grunge...

Zaful embroidered tunic, Layers of Earth crescent moon ring, Kisii Ethiopian prayer bead bracelets, Cori Crooks Mexican tile earrings, AMI Clubwear gladiator sandals, vintage outfit, vintage inspired outfit, 90s outfit, grunge outfit, boho outfit

Every time I move, I go through a period a rapid downsizing.  I think it makes sense to do a big purge before a long-distance move so that, simply put, there is less to move.  I am right in the midst of such a purge and I think that because my closet is shrinking, I'm coming up with all sorts of new ways to mix and match things.  

As I've said before, I'm totally obsessed with embroidery and boho clothing, but because I'll be going back to work in the school system (and not wearing crop tops and leggings to teach dance classes all day), I have to curb back my hippie outfits and make them school appropriate.  Enter this embroidered tunic from Zaful.  I love the colours, I love the drape, I love the way it fits and since this morning I ended up on a 90s music binge, I was able to work the tunic into what I'm going to call a boho grunge look.  The lines and silhouette of this tunic with the choker statement necklace totally lend themselves to the grunge look and yet, I could still totally picture myself wearing this exact outfit to Coachella and getting away with it. 

On the flip side, this top with cuffed jeans, a long necklace and booties will be fabulous for Casual Friday at work! No matter how it's worn, this tunic is all that! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the bracelets were handmade
: the ring was handmade

Sunday, July 24, 2016

#SustainableSunday with Inspire Active Wear...

Inspire Active Wear cockles long leggings, Inspire Active Wear seahorse tank, Zenned Out Jewelry Hamsa hand ring, ByJodi white howlite bracelet, yoga outfit, workout outfit, sustainable outfit, sustainable clothing

It's #SustainableSunday and boy do I ever have the greatest brand ever to share with you!  In a recent flurry of following yogis and yoga brands on Instagram, I discovered Inspire Active Wear and immediately fell in love.  "Why?" you ask.  Because designer Barbara Northrup takes her inspiration from nature, turns that inspiration into print and then creates leggings OUT OF RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES with them!  For real... it's the coolest thing ever! 

The whole idea behind the brand is really to connect with nature while helping to preserve it by using a material that helps to keep junk out of landfills.  In addition to this eco-awesomeness, the leggings are made in the USA by people who earn a fair living, and as an extra boost, they have an inspirational quote printed in the inside of the waist band (mine say "Live what you Love").  My matching tank is also an inspiration with the quote "Don't wait for a Miracle, Be One" emblazoned across it! 

You can't really beat wearing a sustainable and inspirational product that is also a work of art.  My leggings were inspired by cockle shells being washed around the beach by the wind and waves.  I also love these because, while I've styled them into a yoga/workout outfit here, I have several ideas on ways I can wear these leggings to work and then head straight to the gym without doing much outfit changing! 

Basically... I love everything about what is going on here! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the leggings are made from material that's created from recycled plastic bottles
: all the jewelry is handmade


Friday, July 22, 2016

That 70s outfit...

Rosegal embroidered spaghetti strap tank, Soko horn bracelets, GlobeIn crescent earrings, Jessica Ricci Jewelry necklace and ring, handmade jewelry, fair trade jewelry, vintage outfit, vintage inspired outfit, 1970s outfit

"Mondays are a good day to make statements, not Friday"- Ernie Els

Yeah... that kind of sums up where my head is right about now!  With all of my moving prep and trying to get through paperwork to start my new teaching job (you know, and buy classroom stuff and lesson plan and mentally prepare myself for what should be a super rewarding challenge, but a challenge nonetheless), I'm shot.  

What I will say is that I'm really digging the 1970s vibe I've got going on with this outfit!  I love the embroidery and drops of this tank.  It makes for the perfect focal point and was super comfy for my vintage look!  

Have a happy Friday, friends! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the earrings are fair trade
: the bracelets are fair trade
: the necklace and ring were handmade
: the jeans were a hand-me-down from my mum

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Branching out...

The Pinkwell ombre ruana, Solo Hope In the Rough necklace, Kisii Ethiopian prayer bead bracelets, Ija Designs spiral ring, AMI Clubwear studded slip on shoes, casual outfit, minimalist outfit, monochromatic outfit

Ladies and gentlemen, hold the phone... I finally crossed something off of my blogger bucket list that's been there since I started blogging!  I took outfit photos in an underpass.  I don't know for sure what it is about underpasses (but it's probably the graffiti) that has always made me want to shoot in one, but I could never find a place that was safe enough.  

All of that changed today!  I was on my way to work and was focused on trying to notice new things. I pulled into a parking lot, intending to photoshoot there, but then it hit me: there is a publicly sanctioned walking trail that just so happens to go directly under a busy road.  Boom.  I was off like a shot!  

I love that I found this photo location while wearing this particular outfit since the colour scheme of both outfit and location are a rather epic match!  Since I've been so huge lately on colour and embroidery and all sorts of bohemian-ness, this look was a bit of a change from the norm and it had me feeling both like I should head back to Sweden and like I may need to consider a move back to Manhattan.  It's just got that minimalist/city-slicker vibe that I don't often pull off.  Of course, I had to get fancy with ombré, add some eclectic handmade accessories, and show off my henna, but hey... at least I branched out a little bit, right? 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the tunic was purchased second hand
: the necklace is fair trade/handmade from a piece of lava rock that was literally found on the ground near a volcano in Honduras
: the bracelets are all handmade

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

This time around...

Kukul Boutik handmade embroidered huipil, GlobeIn jewelry, Deb jeans, fair trade fashion, ethical fashion, handmade fashion, summer outfit, casual outfit

Friends, life is about to get crazy.  I have another big move coming up right around the corner and let me tell you, it's got me stressing.  Yes, I will be moving to Las Vegas to be a teacher for kids with autism!  Wheeeee!  

For real though, even though this move is just across the country, it's WAAAAAY more stressful than it was to move to Germany.  I think because when I moved overseas, I knew I'd be living with Soldier Boy and that I had a house already set up and furnished and that my job would come eventually, things were much more laid back than they are now.

This time around, SB and I will be living in the same apartment complex, but not apartment (I've got a weird independence thing going on... just want my own space for a bit...  you know?).  The only furniture I own is a table and chairs, an end table, and two desks, so I'll have to furnish the whole place.  Also, I have a classroom to set up and lesson plans to put together, which is especially difficult since I don't know anything about my future students or curriculum.  Plus, I'm still working about 35 hours a week. 

Can you say stressed? 

But, in the midst of all this stress, I've still been trying to take some time to wander aimlessly, and it's paid off.  I found a teepee and I think it's kind of an awesome background to use to show off my handmade huipil from Kukul Boutik!  I found Kukul on Instagram and immediately fell in love with their handmade huipils.  I cannot get over how much time (and patience) it would take to embroider this top!  I just love the colours and the way they play off of the sky and flowers in these snaps.  I am most definitely going to be wearing this huipil for my first Christmas in the desert!   I topped the look off with a ton of fair trade jewelry from my GlobeIn subscription box (snack $10 off a subscription there with code DAILYSAVANT)! 

Monday, July 18, 2016

#SustainableSunday with Magpie Clothing Exchange...

Serval Fashion Sunny Day tank, Serval Fashion arm cuff, Magpie Clothing Exchange fair trade hand woven jogger pants, Paisley + Sparrow Soresa earrings, casual outfit, fair trade outfit, summer outfit

Ladies and gentlemen of the World... for the first time in almost 6 months, I got to see Soldier Boy AND I convinced him to take outfit pictures!  It was a July miracle and I kind of loved having him to myself again, even if it was for just a few hours.  There was something sustaining about it, which brings me to the next order of business: it's #SustainableSunday! 

I recently made the virtual acquaintance of Greg and Kim Scully of Magpie Clothing Exchange, located up in Palmer, Alaska (I found them on Instagram.  Follow them HERE)!  They were inspired by books and documentaries like "True Cost" and wanted to create a place where re-sale clothing and fair trade clothing met.  With this dream, Magpie Clothing Exchange was born!  Their physical shop operates a lot like Plato's Closet or Buffalo Exchange, with the added bonus of lots of awesome fair trade products (which you can purchase in their online store).  I've spent lots of time in various Plato's Closets and Buffalo Exchanges in my day, but never have I ever seen a re-sale store focus so much on fair trade goodies!  I love the idea! 

Magpie also gives back locally through the "No Bag" program (check that out HERE) and more globally, they support Free the Girls.  That earns them a thumbs up in my book! 

They were kind enough to send me these uber comfy harem/jogger pants by Passion Lilie (a woman-owned and operated company based in New Orleans).  These pants were hand woven using eco-friendly fabrics in India and I simply cannot say enough good stuff about them!  They're soft, breezy for hot weather and I can break down and have sporadic dance parties comfortably in them.  What more could a girl ask for? 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the pants are handmade and fair trade
: the earrings are handmade (from old artillery shells) and fair trade

Arm cuff c/o Serval Fashion (Grab 10% off at Serval Fashion with code "Signe")