Sunday, September 8, 2013

Totally whipped...

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Oh la la, tout le monde... today was one of those days that really kind of left me feeling like the scary chick from "The Ring."  There is no way I could handle a full seven days of the cr@p that came our way today... 

Ok, so for those of you who have been around for a bit, you know that I've been in Germany since July and would really like to stay here.  I'm here to practice living with Soldier Boy, since we dated across the ocean forever and a day, but have not had the chance to live together.  I'm here on a visitor's visa, which expires 4 days before my Birthday in October (ick... at least I've got longer than 7 days!).  Anywho, I've been applying for zillions of jobs that my super snazzy master's degree has made me overqualified for, but since I'm not married to the military or a veteran, I'm at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to hiring.  I was super stoked with I was asked to interview for one of the real-I'm-genuinely-qualified-to-take-this-job positions I applied for and spent days worrying over it because it was on a base that is about 2 hours away and I'd have to move (which defeats the whole purpose of my being here) but a job is a job and I need one to get a work visa to stay here...

We hopped in the car as the sun rose and drove and drove and drove.  I got to the interview and quickly realized that the position they were interviewing me for was not actually the position I applied for and was pretty bummed out.  Well, since I've been craving a gosh-danged pumpkin spice latte and/or chai (or one in each hand) and there happened to be multiple Starbuck-es in the town we happened to be in, we went on a ridiculously cray-cray pumpkin hunt... but the Sbux shops were still pimping out their summer refreshers!  

We tried to remedy the situation by geocaching, but all the clues on our app were in German and the phone was about to die, so we couldn't translate them.  We found one and then hopped in the car and sat in rush hour traffic for about 3 hours, missed our opportunity to check the mail (cos checking the mail is pretty much one of my fave things to do... ever...), and then got stuck waiting at home for someone to come and pick up some jewelry from my etsy shop.  They never showed.  

Ugggghhhhhhhh... well... at least I've got hair to whip, new swag to sport, and I had time to finally bake nearly two dozen cupcakes.  It would have been a full two doz. but I got a little carried away with the batter! 

Oh, and yes... I am this short and really usually do look this much like a baby dinosaur.  I think Soldier Boy was burned out from our chain of failures and forgot all of his awesome photographer skills for making me look tall.  Meh... 

Tank c/o Banana Republic
Jeans/sandals c/o Charlotte Russe

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  1. Nothing annoys me more than getting myself worked up about an interview and then realizing I'm not interviewing for the position I was told was available. I hope things work out for you with your visa situation! Love the necklace!

  2. Oh my goodness how frustrating! You'll get through it... BTW... I'm wicked short too... 5'1... ugh.. Oh well that's why there is 5" heels!

  3. Oh poor you! But don't lose hope, I'm sure opportunities are just right in the corner :)