Thursday, January 16, 2014

This morning, while preparing to work yet another shift for someone who isn't able to make it to work (when I genuinely have things to do that I had to cancel so someone else doesn't have to cancel their extra plans, even though they made them during THEIR work time… I'm not bitter… lol), I was thinking about the power of "No."  

This is a power that, despite my desire, it is simply a power that I do not possess.  You want me to come in during my lunch hour and scrub down a lobby full of chairs that are literally covered in tiny child snot and an accumulation of other grime?  Absolutely!  You'd like me to dig through bins of dirty clothes and get rid of them on my break?  No problem.  You'd like me to crochet you the most complicated hat/scarf/plush toy (which I've never actually done) and you want it in a week and my hand feels like it's going to fall off?  You got it! 

The things I will do to make a few bucks… really… I was like this in the states, too, but since I totaled up everything I earned last year and factored in the costs of moving across the ocean, not having income for 3 months, buying a car, and having that car subsequently break down, literally HALF of my not-so-great-I-was-working-75-hour-weeks-and-have-only-ever-been-paid-hourly income and any ability I remotely had in the way of saying no to doing things I didn't really want to do has flown out the window.  

Right now, pretty much, as long as it's legal and doesn't involve me removing articles of clothing, I will agree to do for a few dollars.  

Sad?  Yes.  Bohemian.  A bit.  The story of why I accidentally ended up working about 60 hours AND ruining my manicure.  Indubitably. 

Ok, so I'm totally just venting out of my-personal-life-to-do-list-keeps-getting-longer-and-I'm-ridiculously-sleep-deprived-ness, because when I know something needs to get done and I recognize that there is literally no one else on staff that will do it, I am happy to do the dirty work because I really do want the hours and I love crossing things off of to-do lists and I'm trying to find the bright side in my frustration. 

… and on an unrelated note… here are some snaps from before my car broke down and I actually had time to take photos!  

Kimono and lace top thrifted
Jeans ℅ my mommy's closet via Banana Republic

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  1. That kimono is stunning! I love it! xx

  2. Sometimes a week just needs a do over!! I hear ya.. you look awesome by the way and hopefully your weekend will be better!

    1. Ahahsdlkfjaklsdjflkjsd! I would love for the weekend to be better! We're headed to Berlin!

  3. Your lace top is darling and so is the rest of your outfit! I hope your weekend gets better and just remember that the best accessory is your smile. ;) True style is knowing who you are and loving and accepting you! - Sierra of http://ragsexchange.com/ and http://styleactuallyblog.com/

    1. Lol… I need to remember that! I feel like my brain might pop out of my head if I don't get some down time pretty soon!

  4. I'm a bit of the same, I just get on with things. I hope all will get a little brighter for you though, so you can breathe a little easier. You look awesome, love the kimono :) Have a great weekend xx

  5. What cute pics! Looks like you had lots of fun

  6. truly gorgeous! Cant believe i've only just found your blog! I love it and am now following for sure :D x

  7. Hi Signe, I hope things go better for you soon there.
    Your outfit looks great.
    Have a lovely weekend!

    Xoxo, Victoria


  8. Really cool !

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