You can't have a bad day if you're wearing red shoes…

Friday, January 17, 2014
Charlotte Russe red wedges, Choies leopard print harem pants, ZeroUC heart sunglasses, Winky Designs slap watch, style blogger, petits style, outfit ideas, cheetah print

… I know, I keep saying it… but it keeps proving true! After a long and ridiculous week of not much sleep and not enough time to get anything done from start to finish,  I figured I'd better stop moping and make a quick list of things that make me happy!  Here we go: 

1) The sound sugar makes when it is spooned into a cup of hot tea. 
2) The way my entire fridge smells like the leftover cake from Soldier Boy's surprise party. 
3) Waking up before my alarm clock and laying in bed just because I can. 
4) When people give me yarn.  It is like I am being gifted with a million possibilities.  
5) Logging in to Pinterest and seeing that one of my very own outfits has been repinned roughly a zillion times! 
6) The way my back yard kind of looks like a ski resort (though the gnarly green carpet on the balcony has GOT to go!)
7) The sound of my suitcase rolling on the cobblestones (it means I get to go somewhere new!)

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  1. Yes.. this outfit rocks!!! Love it, leopard and red... never a bad idea!

  2. Ahhh I adore the retro/vintage look of these photos! The shoes and sunglasses are so lovely, as is the backdrop! :)

  3. Red shoes and red lipstick... never a bad day. :)

  4. Beautiful complements!

  5. The first picture is so perfect! It has this cute vintage vibe - reminds me of a really cool music album cover. I love the red shoes and the leopard print pants!

  6. So cute! leopard and red make an excellent combo!

  7. That is such a cute outfit! I love the Lolita sunglasses.

  8. Gorgeous outfit and of course, shoes as well! Those sunglasses are so beautiful as well. xx

  9. Great outfit, shoes are perfection!

  10. Great look and gorgeous shoes!

  11. Great thoughts! It's so important to reconnect to those things that make us happy! Loving the shoes.

  12. Great shoes! I love platform shoes, recently I indulged in a few pair myself. :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Xoxo, Victoria

  13. What a fun outfit! I love it

    New post:

  14. I love the statement heart glasses and not to mention your red heels, but the best accessory is your smile. True style is knowing who you are and loving and accepting you!" ~Sierra of and

  15. Haha this is very true. Red Shoes make everything better. Great outfit!