Saturday, January 10, 2015

What I would have worn for NYE…

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I'm getting old.  Like in years (duh), but my soul is getting even older.  Case and point: NYE 2015.  SB and I were originally planning on meeting my aunt in Dublin, going to a play and dinner and then heading out on our own to see if we could stir up some trouble.  In reality, my aunt didn't end up coming, so we had no plans.  But definitely not for lack of research.  Tickets for most NYE events in Dublin were sold out.  I hopped onto Couch Surfers to try and find a house party, which we did, but we (old people) seriously weren't feeling it.  Since public transport was shutting down just before midnight and we were staying outside the city center and didn't want to pay for a cab, we headed back to our lodging (a room in a house that we found on Air BnB) and spent a lovely evening with the homeowners' friend/babysitter with a bottle of wine in front of a roaring fire.  

Now, had we not traveled on a budget airline that only allows for carry on bags (or else pay a huge fee to check a bag) and if we'd had plans, I was seriously ready on the outfit front!  Here are three looks I would have loved to rock for NYE, but will have to save for some other glittery event! 

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  1. I love your dresses,you look beautiful ♥

  2. Love it all! But my favorite is the middle one! :D

  3. Gorgeous dresses!


  4. Oh my goodness! I love all three. But the third one is by far my fave! Also, there's nothing wrong with spending NYE in front of a fire with some lovely wine. You can never get too old for that! <3

  5. Love all three of them, you're such a cutie <3 Interesting tattoo youve got, I'm planning to get one for a while but.. I am a coward, I admit it :D Is it the only one? People say its like drug ;)

  6. this dress is perfect!
    Loving the colours and the print!
    great photos dear:)

    ( IG : @Konstantina.A )

  7. These dresses looks amazing. I love how it flatters to your kind of body figure. :*
    Best regards,
    Please do drop by my blog if you have some time at :) You might find it interesting. Thank you. :)

  8. These are all great looks! I particularly like the first dress though :)


  9. hahaha love this- can totally relate! I even been all dressed up and ready to go out and then the rain hits and we're like 'ah lets just stay in and watch a movie??!!' the outfits are great- definitely worth bringing out at later dates

    Sah xx

  10. gorgeous outfits! looking beautiful girl! :)
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)


  11. I love all of these dresses

  12. These are all great NYE outfits! I'm totally with you and sometime's all I want to do is stay in!

  13. All of the dresses looked great on you!!

    Have a great week!

    xo Pam

  14. I absolutely love the first outfit! And the third look is really cute. xxx

  15. I'm 23 years old and I'm not a party person!
    I enjoy staying at home :) You are not the only one!