Sunday, February 22, 2015

I believe…

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Woke up this morning with the song "I Believe" by SOJA in my head and since it is a bright sunny day (clearly didn't take these snaps today!) and I may have finally succumbed to the bug that's been rippling through work like wildfire for the last month, I decided to give myself a day off.  A day to lay around and do nothing, if I so choose.  

In doing so, I've had the phrase "I believe" passing through my mind on repeat, and I came up of a list of little things that I believe in (and full believe helps to keep me in a state of relative sanity).

I believe in air drying.  Why do I need a machine to do what nature can do with little to no effort?

I believe in being liquid.  I'm not just talking about being a good saver, but about being prepared to flow into the next change that life throws at you. 

I believe in being sun kissed.  In addition to a healthy glow, the sun improves mood, energy level, and memory by way of vitamin D production.  Can't argue with that!

I believe in (though am admittedly horrible) at recharging.  Tired?  No energy?  Feeling blue?  If there is no sun (or even if there is sun), let yourself recharge.  We live in a society where there is almost always more that we are expected to do, but we really weren't made to be hamsters on a never-ending wheel.  Sit. Down. And do.  Nothing! 

I believe in the healing power of music.  I also equally believe in the quiet sounds of nature. 

I believe in having enough, not in having too much. 

I believe that chemicals, like people, can be wonderful and can help us, but can always be toxic.  Eliminate the bad and leave more room for the good. 

I believe in being self-sufficient just as much as I believe in helping those who need it. 

I believe in returning what you've borrowed.  

I believe in getting along.

I believe in noticing small things. 

I believe in trying to be happy. 

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  1. Love those awesome pants


  2. Love it, such an bohemian arabic kinda outfit :) <3

    1. Thank you! I wore it to dance classes! My students loved it!

  3. I actually have never heard of that song and had to look it up after reading your post. On another note, I love the pairing of that belly ring with the aztec top. It's a perfect match!

    1. Thank you! I got a bunch of new belly rings and I wanted to share them. With the cold weather, crop tops are the best possible way I could think of to do so!