Saturday, July 18, 2015

While the time ticks away…

Lime Japan necklace by A Cat in Paris, Ely watch by Jord wood watches, white tank by Trendsgal, spiral ring by Ija Designs/Nashelle, casual outfit, black and white outfit

I've been doing quite a bit of reflecting lately.  See how reflective I look ^?  

I think I've kind of known this for quite a while, but I'm at one heck of a crossroad. 

I'm not yet 30 (though I'm getting dangerously close) and I think I've managed to turn into something of a girl/woman.  Ok… the word "woman" really freaks me out… which probably has something to do with the girl half of me.  

I'm starting to get wrinkles.  Ok, they're smile lines, but again… I'm not even 30!  Guess I smile too much. 

I've started to get a bit rounder.  When I was back in Chicago last month, I discovered that I've gained 15 lbs since I moved to Germany.  And I can see where the weight has gone.  And it doesn't seem to want to go away, even though I work out for a living.  

I really need invest in a pair of actual trainers that are both fashionable AND supportive, 'cos wearing flat sandals with no traction while on trips that may or may not involve mountain climbing (photos to come) with a torn meniscus is just plain ridiculous.  But I still can't seem to justify spending upwards of $100 on a pair of shoes.  Cheap much?

My mom AND dad have both offered to help me pay for my upcoming knee surgery (whenever I happen to schedule it.  Was going to fly back to Chicago and do it on my week off between summer and fall classes, but I discovered a Baltic cruise for a reasonable price and really… wouldn't you rather sail to Russia than pay thousands of dollars to get your leg sliced open?).  

SB is prepping to move back to the states for a new assignment (to further his career) and I just kind of laugh, because as I'm writing this, I'm about 9 hours into a 14-hour Saturday babysitting gig.  Career?  What's that?  I'm saving up so I don't have to ask my parents to pay for my leg slice AND so while SB resettles in the states, I may have the opportunity to jet off to India and Australia for a few months.  

It's kind of like I'm walking on a tightrope.  I know I need to stay on the rope, but walking on it is kind of boring.  Straight and narrow just isn't my thing.  I'd rather jump off of the rope and do my own thing for a bit longer… even though it is becoming less and less socially acceptable for me to do so with each passing year.  

… and even if that is the case, at least now I have this super fabulous wooden watch to help me along as the time ticks away.  I generally don't tend to be much of a watch person, but I love the eco-vibe this time piece gives off.  Mine is made of maple wood and has a nice clean, conservative face.  It is easy to set, goes with just about everything, and has earned me a ton of compliments in the times I've worn it since it arrived!  I think what I like most about my Ely watch is that it can definitely be a conversation piece, but it is also conservative enough that I can safely wear it when I travel! 

Unique Watch


  1. It's important to take time to reflect. Thanks for sharing.


  2. 30 isn't so bad & you look fantastic <3

    1. Well thanks! I promise I wasn't fishing or anything… but I really needed to hear that.

  3. Me gusta tu pantalón! Yo también tengo uno y negro.

  4. Great gold watch

    xoxo, ♥

    1. Thank you! It's actually made of light maple wood!