Monday, November 16, 2015

A Monday rant...

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Monday, Monday, it's another Monday... and really, it's kind of a big blog of BLARG!  Let me explain: 

On Friday, my hand eye coordination failed me.  I got mad at my super slow laptop and went to slam my hand down on my desk, but in my rage, I missed and slammed my hand down on my laptop.  Which shattered my mouse trackpad.  It still works, but today... I don't know how... but today, I managed to make the cracks bigger.  

Good thing I'll be able to access an Apple store soon, though I'm sure they're going to tell me that the repairs on my laptop will cost about as much as a new laptop, which isn't in the budget, and brings me to my next Monday tragedy... 

My car.  It's junk.  I took it in today to get my registration renewed for the year, but to do so, all vehicles must be inspected first.  This time last year, I knew that there were problems with the car, but it passed inspection with flying colours and I was on my merry way.  Well today, friends, the universe  did not hold me in its favor (kind of like last week when I got poison ivy while picking up trash in the woods... did I tell ya'll about that?).  Today, my car absolutely, totally, brilliantly failed inspection.  I was turned away with a list of issues to be repaired, and when I took said list to the mechanic, I was promptly quoted roughly the cost of the value of the car in repairs.  And so, now I have to scrap my car.  

... right before having a surgery for which I was quoted anywhere between $6000 and $15000.  


So, I do apologize for the rant.  I know that I could have it much, much worse.  As you can see, I'm trying to smile! And I'm getting a bit of help from some fancy new gems from Limbo Jewelry!  If you like what you see, make sure to enter to win the Limbo Jewelry lotus lariat necklace giveaway!  


  1. God, I've been so wrapped up in writing/reading papers for school I haven't had a chance to catch up on my favorite blogs. *sadface* Yours is usually the first one I hop over to. :) Ugh. Money. Two weeks before my move to SF, my car died too and I wound up selling it to the junkyard for pennies. On the bright side, I've learned how to get around on public transit!

    I love that your book is in your menu now! :) I'll plan to read it one of these days when I get a little more time off.

    Emily | Cactus and Fog
    (ps: what do you think of the new blog name? better? worse? no opinion?)

  2. Yikes! Not such a good Monday, then. Although, I'm sure (and hope) the universe has some positive things coming your way! I hope the rest of your week is wonderful. :) xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life