Monday, November 30, 2015


Tanked Apparel Local tank, LucLuc black kimono, Deb destroyed jeans, AMI Clubwear fringe booties, Swallow's Heart horn necklace, casual outfit, fall outfit

I just rediscovered these snaps as I moved from my sad old laptop into my new machine and realized how appropriate my "Local" tank is for today.  As I write this, I've been back in Germany for about 6 hours.  It is always on my first day on a new continent that things feel strange.  Since I've lived in Germany for several years, when I'm in the states, I refer to Germany as home and it's generally where I'd prefer to be on my first few American days.  

On the flip side, once I get back to Germany, Chicago becomes home and it's a place that I start to crave.  

Anyone else ever experience this sort of displacement? 

It's a bit unsettling, though it's pretty cool to have not one, but two homes!  


  1. It's always fun to discover forgotten photos buried deep in your hard drive :-) I am moving to a new town before the year ends and for some reason I feel homesick already. Hoping I get to adjust quickly. I love your look as always! BTW, I am completely baffled why I unfollowed your account in Instagram!! IG annoyingly follows and unfollows people without my knowledge! I followed you again ;-) xoxo

    Much love,
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  2. Great outfit, Signe! Glad to hear you are back "home" and the knee surgery went well. I know what you mean about having two homes - I'm the same when I go back to Scotland to visit my family; it's a strange feeling. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life