Monday, December 14, 2015

: sweet dreams playlist...

Happy Monday!  I've been lucky enough to sleep in, make myself some chocolate chip waffles, do some yoga, and down an entire bottle of water.  How's that for a healthy start?  I know it's still morning and I'm all sorts of refreshed, but since sleep has always been a challenge for me, I've put together a little playlist of tunes that help my reluctant brain shut down and drift off to Dreamland.

My : sweet dreams playlist is comprised of ambient music, Native American totemic flute songs, Gregorian chants, a bit of classical music, and some friendly sounds from the ocean.  Normally, I'd pick just one of those (i.e. all Gregorian chants), but I thought I'd share a sampling of the things that help me catch 40 winks in the hopes that you'll discover something new that works for you!


  1. Nice list, I also have a playlist for nights when I can't get to sleep. xoxoxo

  2. This play list sounds amazing, I need this in my life

  3. What an amazing playlist! Absolutely love it!
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