Friday, January 29, 2016

Getting Zumba-y with Ariana Grande...

Heyyo!  I almost zonked out without posting!  Let me tell ya'll, this whole moving back across the ocean, getting totally slammed by the plague cold/flu has really not done much for creating any sort of daily routine! 

It's like I'm just aimlessly drifting through my childhood town without a purpose... but really, I'm trying to get settled.  My mum, who recently retired, is in love with the gym and while I'd prefer to just take a walk outside (the plague has prevented me from doing so) or just teach my own classes and get paid to work out (the knee STILL isn't being accommodating enough to allow for this), I've accompanied her to the gym on several occasions. 

A Zumba class was being held the other day and in my head, I saw visions of grandiosity.  I figured, "Sure!  Even though I just banged out a yoga class, I can totally handle this!  Everyone else in this class is at lest 60 years old.  I'm going to be the star.  Front and center."  Cut to reality and I made it through the first warm up routine before The Knee (I've decided that it is now a proper noun) decided to put me in my place. 

Stick a fork in me.  The Knee was done. 

And so, in remembrance of a time when I had not one, but two functional knees, I christen today #fitnessfriday and would like to share with you this children's recreational dance program masterpiece: my Zumba dance to "One Less Problem."  

I don't know what it is about this dance, but in the two years since it was choreographed, not a single Zumba class went by without this routine.  Students in classes with other teachers requested it.  It was even used a few months ago in a teeny bopper hip hop class!  Apparently, there is something magical about this dance. 

Please excuse my shirtlessness.  I filmed this last spring before our air conditioning was turned on and hey, my little bralette is pretty darn cute!  For more nice n' easy Zumba routines, warm ups, and cool downs, check the : fitness : tab to the left <---