Monday, February 1, 2016

: all that jazz playlist...

It's Monday, and in an effort to jazz things up (haha... this is actually a pun... you'll see) a bit, I've spent the last month or so collecting all sorts of tunes for this playlist.  It's called : all that jazz.  See why that was punny? 

As a jazz dancer, I had early exposure to jazz legends like Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Glenn Miller, but as I got older, I fell in love with jazz music.  Not that smooth jazz stuff that people in sweater sets and sensible shoes listen to.  Real jazz.  The stuff that gets down under your skin and into your bones and makes you feel things.  I noticed that I tend to connect to this kind of music more when it's cold out.  Jazz just warms me from the inside.  And I hope that if it is cold in your part of the world, or if you have a cold, or if you've just been feeling out of touch, this playlist will help put you back in touch with yourself.  I've added in a bit of blues, some instrumental songs, and some new stuff just to keep things fresh!  

As always, I do hope that you'll enjoy these tunes and for more playlists, check the : music tab to the left <--- 


  1. Great post!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria