Saturday, February 13, 2016

: Window shopping...

Life has an interesting way of looping around in circles.  This time three years ago, I was busily employed in a school, fighting my urges to run away and be a traveling hippie.  I lasted out the school year and then gave in, but suddenly, I find myself back where I started.  Now that I've been out into the world, I am trying to bring a more global awareness into a classroom of admittedly diverse students and to a staff that seems to be, largely, sedentary.  

While I come home from work each day ready to hop into bed and turn out the lights by 1700, last night, I found myself wide awake at 0100 and so... I window shopped.  I spent a good hour or so perusing the pages of looking for hippie/global/vintage inspired clothing that I could layer and wear in the classroom to bring a glimpse of the outside world to an inside place and then just as easily un-layer when I'm ready to wander the world again!  I came up with quite the extensive wish list! 

Two things are readily apparent: 

1 : I'm hooked on print dresses. 
2 : I cannot get enough of embroidered peasant blouses. 


  1. lovely boho items!

  2. I like to window shop on SheIn, Choies and the likes every now and again too. :)
    I don't want to buy anything, because I resolved not to buy any more new clothes for a while, to avoid overconsumption (I've got enough clothes in my closet to last me a lifetime), but I like to browse.

    Well, recently, I actually window shopped, in the traditional sense of the word. Last week I was downtown Toronto after a fashion event that I had attended, and I photographed the area where the event took place, called Yorkville, one of the poshest and most stylish areas in Toronto. I saw a Kate Spade store which I didn't know existed there; and while photographing the area, I window shopped there for a bit. And then I realized that I hadn't done that in years, window shopping that is. :)

    Xoxo, Victoria

  3. LOVE the print dresses and peasant blouses too! But seriously obsessed with that embroidered blazer jacket the second last row omg.

  4. I love the prints too! I can't wait until the warmer weather comes around and I can wear printed dresses all the time.