Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sustainable camo...

Ash & Rose Coralia tunic, Soko porcupine-quill earrings, Soko horn bangle bracelets, Jessica Ricci Jewelry Belgian love lace ring, sustainable fashion, fair trade fashion, second hand outfit, sustainable outfit

Ladies and gents, I think I've done it!  I've created a totally sustainable outfit and it totally happened by accident.  When I was piecing together a recent #SustainableSunday post about fair trade and eco fashion, I laid out a number of things that various (and rather fabulous) shops have sent me, and I was totally struck by how well most of it went together!  I paired a fair trade, ethically sourced tunic with bracelets and earrings of similar background with trousers and boots that I acquired second hand!  

Huzzah for sustainable fashion!  

Also... I can't wait until things start blooming again!  I totally blend in to the trees, so I guess that makes this sustainable camouflage! 


  1. Amazing loook and location. Keep it up. Great blog you have, stay inspired!


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