Friday, March 4, 2016

Dance wear in the classroom...

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I have a serious confession to make: As much as I enjoy having actually get dressed for and wear school teacher clothes to work each day, I kinda sorta miss my uber comfy, laid back dance teacher wardrobe.  And since my knee has actually regressed since surgery (whomp, whomp) getting back into the studio has been outta the question for the time being, which made me super sad, since the lovely people at Pins to Kill were kind enough to send me a pair of their awesome athletic leggings to try out and photograph.  In lieu of taking lots of really cool bendy, dancer photos like the pics on their Instagram page or making a new Zumba video for ya'll, I decided to put a new spin on things and create what I am fondly calling a "real person outfit" out of fitness wear!  

I loved this comfy outfit that totally worked at school and I can totally see myself re-creating this look minus sweater, boots, and leg warmers and plus sandals in the summer time. 

I also thought that the scattered leaf print might provide some motivation and help the trees get to blooming again!