Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Age of Aquarius...

Gamiss embroidered blouse, Jessica Ricci Jewelry Indian elephant necklace, Deb ripped jeans, boho outfit, bohemian outfit, casual outfit

Yoga is one of those bandwagons that I keep hopping onto and then falling off of (bear with me... I promise this will have something to do with these photos).  Over the last decade, it's something that I wanted to learn first because it was trendy, then because I just wanted to totally embody the hippie vibe, next because I couldn't dance as I was leading up to surgery but wanted to maintain my flexibility, and now it's become something that I feel I'm really benefitting from. 

Yoga with Adriene is what really got me going with yoga before my surgery.  Adriene puts out great videos and I like her because she is funny and doesn't make you hold poses.  She's all about finding movement to keep from getting bored.  A few weeks ago, my mum and I found a deal at a local yoga studio where we got to try unlimited yoga classes for $25 for 2 full weeks.  Color me in love!  

Pair this with the fact that I re-connected with an old friend and discovered that we're both super interested in learning about meditation, healing crystals, and other metaphysical things and I feel like the Age of Aquarius is about to dawn for me.  

The last several weeks have been full of yoga, meditation, reading about yoga, playing with medication apps, trying new breathing exercises, and coloring in lots of coloring books.  I've also started keeping a journal where each day, I record an intention or mantra, 3 things I'm grateful for, and thoughts that I've noticed coming to mind during meditation.  I've also been tracking food intake since I've been trying to eat a more plant-based diet but that's another story.  

I guess where I'm going with the yoga vibe was to say that since I started learning more, I've noticed that I'm much more calm and comfortable in my own skin.  With Soldier Boy moving back to America, looking for new jobs, and preparing to move (fingers crossed everything will come through soon), I'm stressed.  But I'm actually handling it well (i.e. like a mature adult) and I think that the yoga is what is behind my current zen mode. 

... also... I've been finding joy in little things... like embroidery, the colour yellow, and the way the wind makes things move.  

See?  I told you I'd bring yoga around to explain these snaps!   

What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the jewelry is all handmade
: the booties are hand-me-downs from my mum

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  1. Beautiful blouse!
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