Saturday, July 9, 2016

Wild mish mosh...

sammydress embroidered top, skar designs crescent moon necklace, boho outfit, ethnic outfit, casual outfit

Today, as I laid out and worshipped the sun, the idea of trends popped into my head.  It got me thinking about what my go-to favourite has been for clothes shopping over the last several years and it was rather a fun walk down memory lane.  In 2013, I was in love with leopard print.  2014 was the year of the Aztec.  Last year, I was all about tie dye, and this year, I cannot get enough of embroidery.  

And now... my closet is this wild mish mosh of pattern... not that I'm complaining... 

What have been your favourite trends over the last few years? 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the necklace was handmade 
: the pants are hand-me-downs from my mum


  1. I love this Outfit! I'd love to share your gallery of trends but sadly I haven't really had any. Up until about 2 years ago my mother still bought my clothes for me because believe it or not, I disliked shopping :O and when I did start buying my own clothes I couldn't seem to get anything right, I didn't particularly have a sense of style. I guess now I'd mostly be very much into simple things I can work with. I'm partial to black and greys abd dark colours but recently I have been trying to add a bit of color to my wardrobe so I don't know, I may have a trend coming along soon. 2016 the year of colors??

    Once again, really lovely and enjoyable post!