Tuesday, October 4, 2016

With a side of stress...

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Let's briefly chat about stress management, shall we?  This adulting thing= HARD (yes, the full caps are necessary!) and I often find myself wondering why being an adult (or just living, in general) HAS to be so darn hard.  I've actually posed this question to several of my friends: some who are religious and some who are not, to see what they'd say.  I went into each discussion thinking that the religious people would say something along the lines of "God gives us difficult times to show us how strong we are" and that the non-religious people would answer with something like "Life sucks."  

I was overwhelmingly surprised to find that friends on both sides of the dogmatic fence replied with "We need the downs to help us appreciate the ups."

And, while I do agree with this statement to a point, part of me still wants to know why in the world there is so much pain and suffering in the world.  I've gone through some of what I'd consider to be super rough times.  I'm going through some tough stuff right now, but then I think about the Syrian refugees, the wonderful women from 22 Stars who are in refugee camps in Uganda, and the greater population of India who are living in cramped conditions with little food, water, or money.  I get that the world isn't a perfect place.  I can see that immense strides would need to be taken in order to feed, shelter, and clothes all of the people in the world who need it and when I let my mind start to wander down this tangent, added to the troubles I'm trying to push through, and my head starts to spin.  

This leads me to wonder... what do you do for stress relief?  I've been trying yoga, guided mediation, coloring, reading/drinking coffee, Netflix and literally chilling, and I've even tapped back to my hippier side to play with crystals and experiment with feng shui, and still, I often feel like my brain is going to explode.  Many of my co-workers tell me that I should take up drinking, but that really isn't an option that I consider feasible and the thought of taking pills turns my stomach.  

What are your favourite stress-reduction methods? 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the necklace and bracelet are handmade and fair trade
: the jeans are second-hand
: the cami under the crochet hem tank is second-hand


  1. For stress management I walk, pet my dog, talk with an old friend that really knows me, chat with my family and yes definitely Netflix!!! :-) Hope you feel less stressful soon. You look adorable in that outfit btw! XOXO, Elif

  2. Event + Response = Outcome. I always think of this life equation when I am stressed. Then I stopped asking "why" but practiced saying "how" so I could focus more on solutions. Hope you are always well, Signe! You are a strong independent woman, so I know you could go through this phase.

    Always loved visiting your page. xoxo

    Much love,
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