Monday, November 7, 2016

Sustainable choices, sustainable wardrobe...

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Happy Monday, ya'll!  This evening, I have three things on my mind: 

1) This daylight savings time thing has totally thrown my circadian rhythm off. 

2) I am kind of freaking out about having to vote tomorrow.  I've put it off because I still can't figure out for whom to vote and tomorrow is my deadline! 

3) I'm shocked at how sustainable my wardrobe has become.  When, years ago, I promised myself that to be eco-friendly and save money, I'd only buy clothing that was eco-friendly or second hand, I had a rough time.  I still found myself shopping at the mall for brand new stuff that had been made in sweatshops, simply because it fit my budget.  In the last year or so, since re-committing myself to my ethical fashion challenge, about 95% of the clothing and jewelry I've acquired is fair trade or handmade or eco-friendly.  

It really came to light with this outfit: a simple look for a busy Monday.  I didn't think that there was a whole lot that was really outstanding about this outfit, but when I went to edit photos, I seriously had to consider using it for a #SustainableSunday post because so much of it is sustainable!  

Pretty cool!  I guess this just goes to show you that when you turn your mind towards making sustainable choices, it truly is possible to quite easily build yourself a wardrobe (even a capsule wardrobe) that is totally sustainable!  

What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the tunic is second-hand
: the leggings are second-hand
: the scarf was handmade using sustainable processes
: the bracelets are handmade, fair trade, and created from ethically-harvested horn
: the earrings are handmade
: the Buddha ring is handmade
: the gold ring is handmade and fair trade

WOW!  That's a whole lot of sustainability in one outfit!  

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  1. Love so much this outfit!! It’s so romantic!!!! <3

  2. that sweater is amazing! love this <3

  3. Love your sustainable choices. I also try to wear sustainable, I am staying away from buying new stuff from the mall. In fact, it was one of my resolutions for 2016, to stop (or at least reduce to a minimum) buying new from malls. Can't say I didn't buy at all, but I reduced shopping in malls considerably, and this year I managed to spend less than half the money that I used to spend on clothes in previous years.

    Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria